Fashionable Garden Ideas For This Summer


Summer Garden

That first hint of sunshine, the promise of many of the restrictions of the last 18 months being lifted, and its looks like we might have a great summer ahead. Of course, for many people, this doesn’t mean that they won’t still be being cautious as we are allowed to mingle with more people. And, for those individuals who are not yet quite ready to do this in public, the garden represents the perfect alternative location. In fact, gardens have never been so in fashion as they have been in the last couple of years, with people suddenly discovering their outside space can be so much more than a space to hang the laundry or let the kids kick a football around.

If you are looking to spruce up your garden for a bit of alfresco entertaining, here are some fabulous fashionable garden ideas to get you started.

Small Garden Ideas

If you have a small garden or even a courtyard, you may be forgiven for thinking that it is very little you can actually do with it. But this is not the case. Growing up is a great way to use what little space you do have whilst adding tonnes of focus points. Consider a growing wall. This will allow you to keep much of your planting off the floor and create a garden that looks taller. Climbers are great at helping to achieve this, and there are quite a few that do not need that much attention. Adding some bistro furniture, which is nice and compact, is a great way to add a seating area that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space.

Grey And White

Grey might seem like an odd choice of color scheme for the garden. But, with this shade being one of the most popular paint choices at the moment, it is easy to see how it might have filtered into the garden as well. It is important to consider your planting carefully. There are relatively few plants that will fit with this concept so think outside the box a little. Grey planters and grey outdoor garden furniture are a great place to start. Then, add in plants with grey hues like lavenders or other similar purple-shaded flowers and plants with silvery foliage or variegated leaves.

White is a little easier to achieve as a garden color scheme as more white flowering plants. Remember to mix these up and opt for plants that don’t all bloom at once and consider different types of foliage.


Lockdown and the pandemic saw a huge increase in people trying to grow their own vegetables and often being rather successful at it. Being a little more self-sufficient and knowing exactly where produce comes from is hugely fashionable at the moment. Raised beds are very fashionable and practical as there is much less bending needed to use them. Sleepers are, of course, the most popular choice for making these, and they can also be a great way of separating different areas of your garden. Consider planting a few different fruits or vegetables, as this will allow you to see what type of thing grows well in your garden.


Finally, the emphasis from wildlife experts this year has been on the importance of bees and other insects. The No Mow May campaign aimed to help provide insects with more of that all-important first pollen vital to keeping them around. Don’t worry if you didn’t join in with No Mow May, however. You can still do your bit as bug hotels are also incredibly fashionable at the moment and make a great and fascinating addition to any garden.

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