Feeling Sick? It Could Be Your Home’s Air Circulation


Air pollution causes numerous health hazards ranging from simple allergies to cancer and depression. Employees working in poorly ventilated offices can suffer from Sick Building Syndrome. It often manifests as headaches, nausea, coughing, and other respiratory illnesses when inside a building. If you think that the comfort of your home can protect you from air pollution, you’re wrong. Your house is under no assurance because pollutants could also enter your home. If you want to improve air quality, you could use any of the following methods.

Invest In A Quality HVAC Unit

Air conditioning

Installing and maintaining good quality Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning is a great move. If you have an old HVAC unit, consult with an AC repair service provider near your Salt Lake City home. Utah is the second driest state after Nevada, and seasons in the state can be extreme: freezing in the winter and sweltering and arid in the summer. So, having a well-maintained unit saves money from unnecessary repairs. It also lessens the possibility of getting airborne diseases from contaminants in ducts and unchanged filters.

Use Air Purifiers And Dehumidifiers


Dehumidifiers can reduce moisture in the air and prevent the growth of moisture-loving mold and mildew. Air purifiers filter out air contaminants such as dust and debris, which could induce asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases. Dehumidifiers and air purifiers help maintain your indoor air fresh and clean. Some dehumidifiers use scents that encourage relaxation, but it is best to choose natural scents using essential oils. Essential oils have no harmful particles and ingredients which may be redistributed through the air.

Let the Sunshine In

Couple Relaxing On A Couch At Home

Proper ventilation means good airflow and circulation. Open doors and windows to let fresh air circulate indoors. Natural sunlight can kill bacteria and germs in your home. The sun’s heat and warmth could also lighten your mood, and the warm sunlight will also help in keeping mold and fungal growth at bay.

If you have greenery in your home, these plants could do a lot in improving air quality. Plants use carbon dioxide and release oxygen, so any room can feel cooler when there are plants inside. You could also use plants to purify the air. Placing some potted greens indoors as well as outdoors will help in cooling your surroundings. Natural sunlight and plants can make all the difference you need to create a better atmosphere in your home.

Being Responsible Can Make You Healthy

Improving Air Circulation

Indeed, all the effort you put into making your life better will pay off. These methods of improving air circulation only require diligence. You can avoid Sick Building Syndrome; you only need to be responsible for managing the air that goes in and out of your property.

Different kinds of diseases can be triggered by polluted and dirty air. Cars, cigarettes, and other types of air pollution from modern life can make life miserable. But you can protect your family when you filter the air entering your home and use these methods to keep your house fresh and cool.

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