Feng Shui for Happy Marriage


Happy couple in clean bedroomRelationships are integral to our life and no trouble must come in your domestic bliss and always have happy married life. Dispel the negative energy from your home and you will have beautiful life with your partner. The principles of the Feng Shui help in healing and bringing changes in lives of the people who are believer.

Here are some Feng Shui tips for happy married life:

Southwest direction is bless with future wealth and luck for family. It is a good place for communication; keep the warmth in relation in family members. The southwest corner of home or the room has romance, and love. Feng Shui in this will bestow people with good marriage luck.

Color: in bedroom it is advisable to have peach and pink color as here you bond with your partner and have optimal romance in life. Remove all impediments in way of marital bliss which doesn’t make you feel love and romance.

Peach pink romantic bedroom

The sleeping directions first must is to sleep together as Yan Nian used to strengthen love and have harmony. The best arrangement which will suit both needs is to sleep in bedroom which is located in male’s Yan Nian corner and sleep with head pointing toward female Yan Nian direction.

To enhance love you need to use Feng Shui’s Flying Stars or can use the Xuan King Feng Shui. Avoid having TV and mirror by your bedside.

Feng Shui bedroom design

Energize bedroom and for that ensure you don’t place bed under overhead beam as his directs Shar qi or the poison arrow directly on yourself. In case you have the bed underneath it then hand a bamboo flute and wind chime under beam which will be able to weaken negativity.

In kitchen place porcelain crockery in kitchen as they absorb heat. Keep stove clean.

Porcelain crocke

For newly wedded couples have double happiness symbol as signified marital luck and wedding bliss.

Hang family portraits of whole family encourage family harmony as these create positive energy and even bind family together.

Family portrait on wall

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  1. Nice post. Thanks for sharing… Perhaps this suggestion can help to maintain a happy married life, but still don’t be misguided. These are all add-ons. Remember that to keep a happy married life, always apply trust, respect, and love. 🙂

    • Thanks Sue,

      We always try to give our best. I agree with you trust, respect, and love is most necessary thing for happy married life but feng shui can make it more happy. Thats why we shared this topic. 🙂


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