Feng Shui Tips For An Office


Modern Fengshui Office Design Ideas

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placing objects and furniture in a manner that creates positive or negative energies which in turn have a complementary effect on your life and well being. Office Feng Shui is about creating a comfortable place that provides a sense of security and positive energy essential for success. Below are some Feng Shui tips if used in office can guarantee a successful business.

Placement Of Desk

Modern Office Desk Fengshui Design

Ideal position for desk placement according to Feng Shui is opposite the corner of the entrance .this position is the position of power. Desk in this position allows you maximum authority. It also produces a healthy workplace free of any negative influences and adds to motivation and determination.

Office Colours

Green Office

Office colors added in consultation with Feng Shui can improve chances of success and improve mental and physical activity. Green is the most suitable color choice for an office as it is associated with growth and development. Another good color is black as it symbolizes water in Feng Shui which means money. The color scheme however should be decided considering the activities of the business.

Palnts And Aquariums

Modern Office With Fengshui Aquarium

Plats and aquarium are symbolic of nature’s perfection and peace. Addition of plants can make a place seem like home. It can also cancel out all structural problems. Bamboo is a popular choice because of its low maintenance. Aquariums can also provide balance and peace in a space and are pleasing too.

Getting Rid Of The Clutter

Clean and Modern Fengshui Office

Energy can’t flow freely if the work space is cluttered. Let every thing be neat tidy and organized. A tidy office can keep you away from distractions and add greatly to your productivity.

Determining Your Element And Using It Appropriately

Black Wooden Design Modern Office

There are five Feng Shui elements wood, fire, water, earth and metal. All this when used wisely in your office can do a lot of good. Wood for example stands for creativity and loyalty and hence should be used in medical offices or investment businesses similarly red color resembling fire for artists and water for offices concerned with lending business can be used to produce best results.


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