Feng Shui Tips for Happy Home Part 2


Living Room Decorating Ideas

A happy home is most important than anything in the world. Home is where you live with your family, extensions of yourself, home is place you want to come to, home is a place which you don’t want to leave and go out, home is place which is part of your identity, home is place where you grow up, your kids grow up, and it is a place you eat, drink, sleep and a lot of other things!

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Keeping your home is happy, and we do a lot of things to keep our home a happy, well maintained, clean, and pleasant place to live in. The Feng Shui gives us some tips through which we can work and channelize the positive energy in such a manner that we have a happy home.

Here Are Feng Shui Tips for Happy Home:

Elegant Interiors

For happily married couples to keep this relation always happy you must display some smiling photos of you and your partner as well as place the pictures of your family in hallways, in kitchen, living room and of course of the couple in the bedroom. Bedroom walls should be reserved for the couple photos only and rest family photos in the rest of the home.

Home Decor Ideas

Enhance the love of life and happiness by energizing the dining room. For the couples, the dining room is the second most significant space in family, and the master bedroom is the foremost zone. The important thing is that dining table must have enough chairs that will accommodate everyone in the family.

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Colors have an essential role in our home, life, and Feng Shui as use of certain shades can bring prosperity and luck. The hues of the purple and red are considered as the lucky for attracting wealth and peace.

Front Door Designs

Front door: there are lot more principles regarding the front door in the Feng Shui, but one to mention here is that the front door of the home must be conveniently located and must not be hidden away. This is because Feng Shui believes the opportunity will have a tough time knocking at your door then if others find it challenging to find your front door.

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The doorbell of the front door must always work.

You must create a path like which leads up to your front door.

For Harmony, avoid any décor and hangings which depicts violence.

Home Decorating Ideas

Keep vital life forces such as the flowers and plants like indoor plants and outdoor plants in window and verandah as this will help energize home with the right energy. This works in bringing good luck and keeps diseases away. Also, it helps in improving mood, which helps in making home happy too.

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