Feng Shui Tips For Location Of The Fish Tank At Home


Feng Shui Bagua

Feng Shui is the art of placing things in the home, such as enhancing as well as keeping the chi or energy moving. Stagnant energy means stagnant life.

There is Bagua or the Feng Shui map, which helps to know which area of the bagua of each room falls into.

Room Decorating Ideas with Aquarium

The Feng Shui map is always placed within the career area or the front entrance of the home.

Find a bagua map and place that over a floor plan of the home and locate various places, which can be enhanced by the inclusion of the fish tank or fishbowl in the home.

Placing Tank:

Fish Tank with Odd Number of Fishes

The fish tank needs to be placed in the area of bagua for wealth.

In case these places come to be in the kitchen or bedroom, then don’t put the fish tank there, as the movement is very stimulating in these areas. Though you can incorporate the pictures of the fishes in these rooms, this must be the picture of an odd number of fishes in two different colors. The odd number of fishes represents growth, and the different colors represent the balance of the yin and yang.

You will get the pictures through the web or picture directories and magazines etc.

Other Important Places:

Small Fish Tank

In the fame area of the Bagua map in Feng Shui, if you have a desire for fame, then have actual water.

When fame is desirable and that you want to enhance, such as the recognition at work, celebrity, community, election win, award, etc., then place the small fish tank. This is a good remedy, as well.

Another area is knowledge and the skill area where you can add the simple fishbowl with one goldfish, which can stimulate learning as well as helps in refining physical and mental skills.

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