Feng Shui Way to Increase Positivity in Your Home: Part 2


Positive Home InteriorsContinuing from the yesterday’s post the Feng Shui and Vastu are indeed very useful and are able to solve many problems in our life such as financial, relationship and health. The positive energy is very important. It doesn’t mean we will not face any problems but it means that due to some vastu dosh or Feng Shui defects we shall not face any problems. A person in his business is working hard and is smart businessman and is excellent entrepreneur faces recurring loss. This at times can be because of the Vastu Doshas or Feng Shui defects which when solved or get a solution to a person can experience better financial gains instead of loss.

Never have a wall in center of your home. This is because the center is considered a place from where the home breathes and must be open and also be clutter free. A wall here will result in stomach related problems and also financial problems. Now if you have a wall then solution is to have zero watt blue bulbs which must be on all the time that is 24×7 / 365 days.

Positive Home Interior Design Tips

Never have any cuts in home as it will get paralyzed. Avoid cuts in the south east, south west, north and north east directions else you will face serious problems.

Too much of bring colors in home for decorating enhance sickness if any. Light and pastel colors are good and have healing power.

Picture of water and fountain in bedroom is strictly no as it has adverse effects on you.

Happy Family PlayingWant to avoid stress from home. Those pretensions and unwanted tensions that keep coming through ensure that your temple is not under beam, or cupboard.

No heavy furniture or objects in the North East direction and North direction as it might block the finances.

Mop your floor twice a week with sea salt. This cleanses your home of the negative energy.

Music is healing. Play music in home and you will experience calmness.


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