Feng Shui Way to Increase Positivity in Your Home


A home which has positivity and peace is progressing. Today we live in such complex scenarios we don’t find time for analyzing various reasons which lead to problems and failures in our wealth, our health and the relationships. Most of the problems you may find out can be due to defects in Feng Shui or Vastu. Here are some tips through which you will be able to increase positive energy in your home. The importance of the positive energy or the positive vibes in your home will bring prosperity as well as peace in your home.

Gorgeous Sofa Home Interior Design

Contemporary Pooja RoomTo begin with you can stand in center of your home with compass which will show you the directions of your home.

Through the main entrance which is mouth of your home it brings in energy. So when you are buying a property of making your home entrance you must not buy a home which has door which faces towards the south west direction. This direction is entry of the devil energy or negative energy. This place brings in struggle and misfortunes.

Indian Small TempleBut what if you are living in such a home where the main entrance in south west facing. Solution is to have two tiles imbibed outside doorway of the Lord Hanumanji and you will see difference.

The mandir or an altar is king of all Vastu and must be place in North Eastern and trust that all will fall in place. While praying you must face in East direction it can be spiritual as well as beneficial.

Placement of kitchen should be in Southeast direction. The North direction of the North east direction of the kitchen can bring financial problems and affects the health of people as well. in case your kitchen is in this direction you can hand 3 bronze bowls upside down direction from ceiling in kitchen but remember not to it over stove or anything which you uses fire.

The master bedroom is considered as key of entering the door of stability. The direction of master bedroom is south west. While sleeping it is advised that you keep your head in south or the west direction.

The breadwinner of family must never sleep in the north east direction.


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