Feng Shui: Welcome The New Year Into Your Home

On December 31, 2014 by Mamta

New Year is indeed a great time for you to enhance the front entrance and the foyer area of the home. An open welcoming environment symbolizes your heart’s desire that you embrace the life’s joyful experience, golden opportunities and helpful people. First start with rolling out a welcome mat.

Ideal Entrance As Per Feng Shui

The front entrance is what people first notice and makes an impression about. So it is suggested that you have your front door to have meandering pathway, which should be distinct from your driveway and has no obstacles and no overgrown foliage. Important is that you keep this area well lit in night.

Flower Decor On Door

As the season change let the décor change like summer flower, silvery succulents, glossy greens, herbs etc. This is because nature’s offerings are able to draw the attention to the front door and jewel that is your home.

Add special touches to the front door like with statuary, water features, outdoor seating, and if there is constraints of space you can add chimes and seasonal wreaths on door which shows welcome to loved ones.

Feng Shui associates the red color with celebration and is for good fortune in the home. Paint the front door in shade of red such as terracotta, burgundy and crimson.

Door which has artistic appeal attracts the positive eye.

Making your interior foyer area welcoming and gracious will provide warm embrace.

Hung the best painting in house near front door as greeter, this will make pleasant first impression.

If you have large foyer display aquarium or the fountain, plants, some furniture etc. but be sure that you remove anything which impinges full use of the front and the closet doors and keep area clear of any migrating possessions such as papers, toys etc.

Entrances should have special ambience. Make sure your entrance is greeted with beauty and light and no darkness and no clutter. Add elegant mirror on the hallway.  Turn this area like an art gallery but not over do it. It should be like kiss which welcomes you.

Personal creative touch will warm your home entrance and make strong and positive statement making a better impression and thus literally welcome the best the life offers into the home.

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