Few Tips on Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance


Maintaining your air-conditioning systems well will ensure that they work longer, have lesser chances of malfunction, and save you from nasty repairs. Try these air conditioning repair and maintenance tips to help you.

Annual Check-up

Air Conditioning Repair

In a bid to save money, most people opt for not getting air conditioning repair services in Glendale Arizona annually and then end up paying dearly. One of the best ways of saving money and ensuring that your systems work well is to get an annual check-up for your system. An HVAC professional will check your system for optimised functioning even before summer sets in. They will also look for internal and external parts for any cracks, leakages, and damages, check for loose fittings, lubricate parts and adjust body parts to ensure that they are functioning correctly. They will also clean condenser coils, check for dirt and mould, recharge refrigerants, if needed and check the battery and functioning of a thermostat.

Dealing With Common Maintenance Issues

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Sometimes, you might notice that your air conditioner is running excessively. Instead of getting panicked by the same, choose to check the thermostat switching. Sometimes, automatic or manual switching can result in this common maintenance issue. In other cases, a low battery can be the cause of affected thermostat functions. If these two aren’t the issues, then call a professional.

Perform These Simple Maintenance Tasks

Air Conditioner Insulation

If you want to save yourself some bucks, take assistance from air conditioning repair company in Glendale Arizona and perform simple maintenance tasks. Your list of should include a change of filter, cleaning of vents (which you can easily do on your own), regular vent dusting, checking of the condensing unit and checking of Freon levels (which a professional will do for you). You should also perform simple tasks like the removal of debris that builds up around the system, trimming of the foliage and cleaning of the aluminium fins on the evaporator. Ask a professional to double-check these fins using fin comb so that they are back to their original placement.

Maintenance of Filters

Single Room Air Conditioner

Air conditioning filters are prone to clogging troubles. This may result in decreased cooling and higher electricity costs. Avoid the same by increasing your system’s efficiency. This you can do by cleaning the filter on your own at least once a month or twice a month, depending on your usage. Make sure that you often clean if you have pets at home or if you are living in dusty conditions. Otherwise, these filters may have to be replaced too soon, costing you hard-earned money.

Air Conditioning Units

Put these air-conditioning repair and maintenance tips into practice to avoid problems with the system’s ducts, filters, leakage troubles and thermostat controls among other possible issues. This will not just save you a lot of money, but also help in decreasing your utility bills in future.


  1. Very informative and these tips are very useful. If you can’t handle this yourself, it’s better to call for technicians to avoid any damages.


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