Fibreglass VS Concrete Pools: Which One Suits Your Need


Fibreglass VS Concrete Pools

Most people run into a dilemma when they’re faced with choosing between a fibreglass and a concrete pool. It’s usually not very easy to choose either, especially if you aren’t sure about the specific characteristics that you’d want your pool to have. Is there any considerable difference between the two? Read on.

Of course, there are many things you’ve got to consider when you want to install a pool. Knowing your dream pool is an essential first step. Secondly, make sure you set aside ample place for installing a pool, considering the amount of space you’d need around the pool. You’d then need to decide on the material for the pool.

When it comes to materials, the available choices are likely to overwhelm you. You’d get a majority of people, especially in Sydney, talking more about concrete and fiberglass. Vinyl is another option available for you, although many experts dismiss it when it comes to durability. The biggest challenge with vinyl is that it’s very difficult to repair, meaning that a full replacement is the best way to go when it suffers serious damage.

The available choices usually leave many people with more questions than answers. To help you make an informed decision, we consider some of the pros and cons of fibreglass and concrete, which happen to be the most widely used in Sydney.

The Advantages Of Fibreglass Pools

The installation price of fibreglass pools is often 20% lower than that of concrete pools.

While you’d need about three months or thereabout to install a concrete pool, roughly three weeks would suffice to install a fibreglass one.

Fibreglass pools are known to have softer surfaces than concretes ones. Also, fibreglass’s surface has a gel-coating that makes the pools non-porous, ridding them of algae or mould.

Although some people debate it, fibreglass pools are known to withstand earth movements better than concrete pools.

Additionally, fibreglass tends to hold heat longer than concrete, a characteristic that has seen fibreglass described as a “natural insulator.”

The Cons Of Fibreglass Pools

It’s almost impossible to make the desired adjustments for the design and color of fibreglass pools.

There are no custom-made fibreglass pools as they’re only purchased “off-the-rack.” That makes it quite difficult to have them fit in your existing design.

Since the pools are shifted by road, their width is limited. Moreover, the pool shell needs a crane to offload.

The Pros Of Concrete Pools

One has unlimited design options for concrete pools. This possibility means that concrete pools have better looks than fibreglass ones. Moreover, featuring your pool with any color theme is easier done with concrete pools. Using concrete also makes it possible to tailor your pool to your desired shape. Besides, concrete pools are also fit for pool-scaping. For unique outstanding waterlines, you only have concrete pools as an option.

They last for decades. Although costly, they can be repaired without the need for a full replacement in case they suffer damage.

The Drawbacks Of Concrete Pools

They require a lengthy installation time since they need reinforcing bars, mesh, etc. Moreover, their intricate designs mean more money out of your pocket. That’s not where the expense factor ends, though.

Some expert reviews have also pointed out that concrete pools are characteristically colder compared to fibreglass pools.

Having seen this, it’s worth noting that your needs would significantly influence your choice for either of the materials. Simultaneously, the money factor cannot be dismissed as it’s also likely to influence the choice you make.

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