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Over the years, lead has become a multi-purpose element. Starting from sewer lines and plumbing systems and manufacturing batteries, paints, cables sheathings, and even weights for lifting, it seems like lead has found its way to most industries and products. That’s no surprise; it’s a pretty useful element after all. However, the real issues start when a chemical that should only be used in the outer environment becomes ingested in our bodies. Ingesting lead, even in trace amounts, can cause serious health issues in both adults and children. Lead toxicity can result in damage to kidneys, red blood cells, and nervous system brain activity. Even low levels of lead exposure can cause stunted growth and permanent mental retardation in children.

To keep yourself and your own family protected against the harmful effects of lead, here are some of the best ways to limit your exposure to lead:

  1. Filter Your Water

Filter Your Water

While lead has been officially banned from use in sewer and plumbing lines starting 1982, the problem lies with the old pipes that are still being used. These pipes are old enough to start leaking lead into the water we use. It can be scary to realize that lead can be found in our tap water. Most of us use tap water for drinking and cooking, which can give direct access to lead into our bodies. This makes using a water filter essential to filter out the lead and keep our drinking water clean. When it comes to water filters, Reverse Osmosis filters come on top when compared to other filters, such as activated charcoal. However, the most important thing to look for when choosing a filter is to make sure it’s capable of filtering lead, which will have a minimum score of 53 in its NSF certification.

  1. Keep The Lead Outdoors

Keep The Lead Outdoors

Lead can occur naturally in the soil, which means that you should take extra care of keeping your home safe from the outer environment. You shouldn’t enter the house with the shoes you’ve just been wearing during your stroll in the park or your garden. Lead can also be leaked into the ground from industrial zones, leaded gasoline, and old buildings. As a rule of thumb, just try to keep your inner environment safe from any lead exposure.

  1. Take Care Of Old Paint

Take Care Of Old Paint

Even if you limit the intrusion of lead from your outer environment, your sanctuary can have traces of lead. For starters, if you’re living in an old house that’s been painted more than a decade ago, then lead can be leaking out from the peeling and chipped paint on the walls. If that’s the case, make sure to cover any cracks in the old painting; better yet, consider giving your house a fresh layer of paint.

  1. Clean Your House Regularly

Clean Your House Regularly

Cleaning your house regularly is generally great for your hygiene, but it can also protect you from accumulating lead dust. Lead dust can creep out from old and chipped paint, as well as finding its way through your doors and windows from outside. Make sure to regularly dust off your house and wipe your surfaces with wet towels to remove any accumulating dust.

  1. Keep Your Environment Safe

Keep Your Environment Safe

It’s essential to go over your daily routine, hobbies, and activities to make sure you’re not regularly exposed to lead. For instance, your chances of exposure can be multiplied if you work in an industrial zone or deal with various chemicals regularly. Taking a hobby in gardening can also increase your risk or exposure unconsciously. If you have to, make sure you’re following appropriate safety precautions when dealing with lead.

  1. Keep Healthy Nutrition

Keep Healthy Nutrition

Aside from making sure the organic food you consume is devoid of lead, certain kinds of food can decrease the risk of storing lead in the body. These include foods that are rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin C.

  1. Examine Products & Folk Medicine

Examine Products & Folk Medicine

Unfortunately, lead can be found in numerous products that we use daily. These products can be toys, batteries, inks, and antique furniture. The presence of such products in a household that contains babies can be hazardous, as we all know that babies like to taste all of their toys. On the other hand, lead can be found in recipes of certain fold medicine, so always be wary of what you ingest.

Being exposed to lead can cause countless serious side effects on adults, but it’s even worse when children are exposed to it. By taking the necessary precautions, you can bulletproof your house against lead exposure. That way, you can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and vibrant.

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  1. Mississauga handyman ( services here in Mississauga Ontario deal with paint continuously. There is not much reason for concern with household latex paint. There hasn’t been any lead in paint for years and years and if there was it would be exterior paint. And if you have a can that dated it is for sure garbage and probably hard by now.


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