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Air Conditioning Repair Team

It’s hardly a secret that across the United States, temperatures are rising. This is especially true for a lot of states in the South and the Midwest. If you’re in Alabama, I’m sure you’ve felt the heat.

That makes air conditioning more important than ever. You’d be surprised by how many people get sick from overexposure to high temperatures. It can be quite dangerous, even if it seems like a nuisance or inconvenience at face value.

So, if your unit breaks and you don’t know what to do about it, hopefully, this article can provide you with a few pointers. Just be sure to stick around, especially if you live in or near Mobile.

Why It Matters

If you’ve ever had sunburn, you know how uncomfortable being hot can be. I mean, when we don’t get to be in a cool area while we have it, it can get worse. Aloe lotion or gel can only go so far if we’re still stuck in nasty weather.

Now consider that there is plenty of other sicknesses you could get from being stuck in the heat, and it starts to look more appealing to spend the summer inside the cool indoors. Besides that, though, it’s something that many governments have started to focus on. You can see more about that here:

Energy Bills

One of the most expensive bills we pay each month is the energy one. Why is that? Part of it comes down to how common air conditioning units are. About seventy-five percent of the households in the United States have one. That’s a sizable number.

Interestingly, the technology used in them is similar to those used in most refrigerators. The idea is to create an insulated space that can cool down compared to the warmer exterior. You probably won’t experience the same temperatures in a home as inside a fridge, though.

Common Problems

With the convenience of these systems, whether you have central air or a different type of unit, comes a lot of issues that can occur. For whatever you are dealing with, you could consult with Surfside Services or a similar service in the Mobile, Alabama region. Some of the most common problems come from poor installation, which can be a relatively easy fix depending on the severity.

Of course, that is far from the only thing that can go wrong. If it is leaking, that might be a sign that there is an issue with the coolant or refrigerant. Neither is a good thing, of course. Water condensation is generally not something desirable to happen. Moisture buildup can be quite an issue if left alone, leading to mold growth, for example.

Outside of that, though, you could also notice an electrical control failure or issues with the sensor. While none of them are beneficial for the unit, most can be handled fairly easily by a professional team that deals with repairs and replacements of air conditioners. Just see what is near you locally.

Routine Maintenance

The parts that need to be checked on a fairly routine basis are the filters, fins, and coils. If you are not sure what they look like, I recommend consulting with the manual for your specific unit. For central air, they may not always be applicable. In that case, I would say it is a good idea to regularly clean the vents.

Remember how expensive the energy bills can get? Replacing the filters, in particular, can help on this front. Dirty ones can result in clogged air flows and reduced heat absorption capacity. Putting in a new one can reduce the energy your air conditioner needs to use by up to fifteen percent – that’s not a small amount.

Each of the parts that I mentioned needs cleaning, though. Dirt buildup can impair the ability to provide cool and clean air. Spreading dust throughout the home isn’t exactly the purpose behind one of these systems, but without proper care, that can be what ends up happening. Just be mindful of these issues and take care of your unit properly.

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