Finding The Perfect Coloured Blinds For Your Home


Bosa Oxford Blue Blackout Roller Blind

One area you can make a real statement and enjoy colour in your home is your windows. Window blinds come in all types and styles, and there is an abundance of colours and patterns to choose from.

A situation many people find themselves in when they come to decorate their homes with blinds is where to start. First and foremost, you should decide which blind is best for the window, the room and your needs. For example, a blackout roller blind is ideal for a bedroom, a faux wood Venetian blind works great in kitchens and Roman Blinds are perfect for living rooms.

Once you’ve settled on the type of blind you want and need, you can start looking at the colour scheme. The first option to consider is following your gut instinct and picking the colour or pattern you like. This is fine and can often lead to eye-catching choices that capture the imagination.

Bosa Cream Blackout Roller Blind

However, some may prefer a more considered approach to their décor choices, which is where the colour ratio rule comes into play. The 60-30-10 rule is the breakdown of colours and how much they should be used in your room.

For example, your main colour will cover 60% of your room, such as your walls, carpet or rugs or very large pieces of furniture. Consider your 60% the background colour upon which you build your accents.

The 30% serves as your blind or curtains, throws or even an accent wall. This 30% will support the 60% but still stands alone as a separate colour. Naturally, 10% is where you can let loose with your colour choices. This is for your cushions, lamps and curiosity pieces. They are small enough not to draw away from the overriding colour theme but fun enough to catch your eye.

Terni Gold Vertical Blind

So, according to the 60-30-10 rule, your window blinds are among the 30% category. This means it should be a colour that matches the main colour, but not too close that you can’t differentiate between them.

If you can’t work out what colour your blind should be, take a look at a colour wheel. There are lots of types of colour wheels to use that different produce results, but for this instance, try a triadic colour scheme or the complementary colour scheme.

The triadic colour scheme uses three colours, and they are found by drawing an isosceles triangle in the centre of the wheel, with the corners indicating the three colours.

The complementary colour scheme shows you which additional colour will best compliment your chosen colour by showing it directly opposite on the wheel.

Once you’ve got your colour in mind and the type of blind you need, head over to online blinds specialists like Oakhurst Blinds and browse their collections. Order fabric and slat samples to help narrow down your selection and then measure up your windows and place your order.

These blinds are made to measure, so not only will the colour compliment your room, the blind will fit perfectly and look amazing.

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