Finest Luxury Fireplaces for Modern Homes

On May 3, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Choosing one fireplace that would flawlessly fit your home setting can be quite challenging, that is why more and more people are opting for a customized piece.

Search through some of these luxurious fireplace designs and discover the style that would best suit your space!

Minimalistic Piece

Minimalistic Piece
Let your fireplace be as unique as your home. This certain piece was formed by using various materials to attain a very exceptional and contemporary look. The size and shape of the base, in addition to the upper section (chimney breast) can be fully tailored based on client’s preference. 

Sophisticatedly Dark

Sophisticatedly Dark Fireplace
This unique fireplace was made to fit perfectly between the floor and the ceiling. The striking bluesteel decorative fascia provides a stunning three-dimensional depth to the finish, and the uncommon blend of material offers this particular piece a sense of luxury vibe.

Double-Sided Design

Double Sided Design
This fireplace was custom-built to seamlessly fit in between the dining and kitchen area. It has an appealing aesthetic that enhances the dimensions and feature to this already fabulous space, as it allows natural light to navigate through both spaces. 

Central Point

Centerpoint Fireplace Design
Make your fireplace the centerpiece of your beloved home. After all, some of them can be quite massive and in need of adequate space. This designs’ flawless shape is an impeccable choice for both modern and traditional home setting, since all materials and design dimensions and can be personalized to accomplish exceptionally unique features.

Slim-lined Feature

Slim Lined Fireplace
The seamless solution to sustain the light and airy feel into any receiving area is to add in a magnificently slim fireplace in between. This double-sided design was well-matched to the owners’ liking as it perfectly blends within the entire area without being too overwhelming. It can also be completely altered into another size, surface, and design.

Let your imaginations flow as you choose the right style of fireplace for your home. At Modus Fireplaces we design, plan and then install all types of contemporary fireplaces.

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  • Wow! I like your all fireplaces designs that makes your home look more luxury…Especially, I like double sided fireplace because it helps to heating in both sides…give a warm temperature…

    Thanks for sharing

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