Finishing Your Basement: Increase Property Value And Gain A New Room


Home Remodeling Project

When you finish your basement or any other room, it means that you turn it into a liveable space. Most basements, attics, and garages are stuffy (or freezing) rooms with little airflow and concrete floors (or none at all). They are just overall uncomfortable and unsuitable for living in— which is why they’re used for storage.

Finishing your basement (or attic or garage) also increases your home’s overall property value. This is because you’re adding square footage to your home. So if you have a basement in your home that’s being used for nothing more than storage, consider finishing it and transforming it into one of these rooms.

  1. Bedroom

Most basements can easily be transformed into an additional bedroom or guest room, complete with a bathroom. This type of setup gives the feel of a master bedroom. This way, your guest(s) will have their own unique space while still feeling welcomed in your home.

  1. Craft Room

If you dabble in painting, sewing, or any other type of craft, you’ll benefit from having your room for these activities. A craft room is also good for those who like to build and engage in other types of handiwork.

  1. Full Living Space

If your basement is large enough, you can convert it into an entire living space, complete with a living room area, full kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. This can also be a guest space, in addition to any guest rooms you may already have.

  1. Game Room

Have any serious gamers in your family? Maybe they can benefit from having their own space. And why stop at video games— a large enough basement space can also accommodate a pool table, foosball table, pinball, and/or ping pong. You can even add some tables and chairs for classic card games with family and friends.

  1. Home Gym

Basements are great rooms for home gyms. You may not even have to lay down new floors, as concrete would work fine in this particular instance. You can even line your walls with mirrors to make it appear more like a gym setting.

  1. Library/Home Office

If you work from home, you can create your own home office right in your basement. To successfully work from home, you need a space separate from everything else that you can dedicate as a workspace, and a basement is perfect for that. Or you can make it into a library or an office with a library.

  1. Movie Room

For the ultimate family movie nights, turn your basement into a movie room— but not just a room with a big screen TV. Luxury homes have “theater rooms” complete with movie theater seats and a theater screen. You, too, can have the same setup in your basement. Family movie nights will be an experience to remember.

  1. Playroom

If you have kids, then you know that they need extra space for their toys and play in general. Converting your basement into a playroom for your kids will give them more than enough space for playing. You can even furnish it with a kid’s play couch, sand tables, and other fun pieces acceptable for children.

  1. Utility/Laundry Room

You may already be using your basement as your laundry room, but you can renovate it to create your dream laundry room. Laundry rooms are no longer just a washer, dryer, and shelving for your detergent and dryer sheets— they’re full-blown rooms with linen closets and sinks. Give your laundry room an upgrade if you have the space for it.

  1. Wine Cellar/Bar

Wine cellars aren’t just for those who own wineries, and if you’re a wine connoisseur, transforming your basement into a wine cellar is something to consider. You can even create your own home bar and serve any (legal) alcoholic beverages.

Depending on the type of room you’re converting your basement into, you may want to get new flooring because most basement floors are pure concrete. You’ll probably need new plumbing and electrical fixtures, and you’ll definitely need insulation. This is a major home remodeling project, so you’ll need to hire a professional contractor to complete this task for you.

Even if you’re not planning on selling your house in the near future, it’s a good thing to increase your property value. Besides, there’s no reason that you and your family shouldn’t be able to enjoy a special room dedicated to a certain purpose.

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