Five Areas of the Home That Are Often Neglected, and Simple Ways to Make Them Look Great


Every room in your home displays your stylish personal touch. Several places are easy to forget about, and they end up looking dingy or neglected. Luckily, you can remedy that with some simple tips:

  1. Front Porch / Entryway

Front Porch

Brighten up your porch or entryway by starting with a good cleaning. Get the spiderwebs off the porch light and the door. Also, touch up any paint around the door frame and polish any windows. Next, think about what kind of personal statement you want to make with decorations. Paint the door a bright color, or add a seasonal wreath. If you have steps, you can add different colored pots with annual flowers on each step. Discover what suits your personality.

  1. Front Closet

Front Closet

De-clutter your front closet. Find a set of wooden baskets to place on the top shelf for hats, gloves, and scarves. Invest in felt-covered or wooden hangers. Put a shoe rack or set of shelves on the bottom of your closet to organize boots and shoes. If you have guests and take their coats, there is a good chance they will see the inside of it. Taking care of this area will let you display it with pride.

  1. Stairs


Add lighting to your stairs if at all possible. Make sure your existing light bulbs are dust-free and bright. Clean the carpet or rug and make sure to scrub along the edges of the wall. Secure your handrail and consider if it is sturdy, attractive, and fits the feel of your home. Add a photo gallery with frames that have a theme. One right choice would frame that are all black but different sizes. Another option is to use painted frames that echo the colors that you use in your home.

  1. Hallways


Clean your hallway and touch up the paint. Make sure to get the fingerprints off of any light switch covers. Your hallways can be more than just a walkway to get from the living room to the bedroom. Think about hanging a mirror that increases the sense of space. Add some pieces of art or a colorful runner. If you have a corner with dead space, add a small decorative piece of furniture or a plant. Let your hallway become part of the decor.

  1. Patio


More than likely, people can see your patio from different public areas of your house. Treat your patio as an extension of the house. Make it an outdoor room with its personality. Clear any plant debris from your cement or deck and add an outdoor rug. Look for patio furniture from Patio Shoppes of Coral Springs & The Palm Beaches that will last for years and reflects your taste and style. Consider using it as an outdoor dining room with a large weatherproof table and chairs. If you use it more as an area to relax, add a couch or a padded chair with a low coffee table. For family fun, add a patio fire pit with comfortable benches around it. Your choice of patio furniture will welcome your guest for years to come.

Once you have addressed each of these neglected areas of your home, it will feel more inviting. The changes will liven up your space for anyone who lives in or visits your home.

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