Five Bohemian Tips To Make Your Bedroom The Coziest Place To Hide In


November is a romantic month. The brown and yellow leaves cake up on the wet sidewalks and crunch beneath our shoes as we rush towards home after a long day’s work. It’s beautiful, alright, but it also makes you want to spend a lot more time at home, where it’s warm and always smells like coffee. And the room you want to spend the most time in, especially now that’s it’s so cold outside, is your bedroom.

But what if it’s not the little corner of heaven you always wanted? I know exactly how that feels. Ever since I first read The Wind in the Willows, I dreamt of a cozy, fire-roaring-in-the-fireplace English type of bedroom. That’s why we’ve compiled here a list of five affordable ideas you can use to turn your bedroom into the cozy little corner of heaven you always dreamed about.

  1. Let’s Start With The Obvious: The Bed

Bed BookSnowflake Sheets

One of the rules of the cozy bedroom is never to make your bed. Just sleep in it and let it be until nighttime comes again. When you come home out of the shivering cold and see the sleepy bed all rumpled up and waiting for you, you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You’re finally home.

On a more technical note, though, try to purchase amazing bedding, which will immediately call out to you. Patterns of flowers, snowflakes, leaves, ribbons, complete with quilted duvets and woolen blankets, will make you want to crawl up in that bed and never get out until you’ve had your fill of sleep. Big fluffy pillows, a book thrown carelessly between the sheets, and your little pet, have a place of their own in the bed as well, solely for your comfort.

  1. Lights

Bedroom Lamp Night Light

Lighting in your bedroom is extremely important. Normally, if you don’t work there, it should be kept low and in warm tones. Yellow lights are preferable in a bedroom too cold neon ones. So, rather than keeping your ceiling light on, try to invest in some beautiful and cozy lamps and night lights.

Wine Bottle Lamp Jar Lamp

If you’re on a budget and don’t have enough money to purchase some new lamps right now, but you still want to cozy up your bedroom, don’t worry; the cheapest of solutions are closer than you ever thought. For example, take some clean, transparent jars, fill them a quarter with sand (which you can take from the beach, no need to buy it), and stick a pretty white, thick candle inside. Or, do you have an empty wine bottle left over? I’m sure you do. Please clean it up and dry it thoroughly and cram it inside a string of your Christmas lights. The effect is fantastic. The warm glow will diffuse slowly through the thick glass of the bottle, creating an incredible Parisian-like atmosphere in your bedroom in a blink of an eye.

  1. Walls

Metal Sign Bedroom Wooden Sign Bedroom

The walls in themselves are an essential part of the atmosphere in the bedroom since your eyes are mostly going to rest on them. Therefore, according to your preferences, you could leave them white and try to compensate by cozying up to other parts of the room, or you could jazz them up as well. Let’s see how. You have your regular paintings, but they can be boring and don’t necessarily spell out cozy. Plus, paintings can be spendy, so we have some other solutions for you. We suggest replacing them with wooden or metal bar signs.

They could hold motivational quotes to keep you going or inspirational love declarations for your partner.

Bedroom Decal Bedroom Decal Bedroom Decal

Signs, like Follow your dreams, seem made, especially for the bedroom, because that’s where you usually follow your dreams, right? Also, for a swell time in the bedroom, make sure you always let your partner know just how much you love them and couldn’t possibly be this warm and cozy without them. They’re the ones keeping you warm after all, aren’t they?

Another excellent idea for your bedroom walls, which is a lot cheaper than anything else, is wall decals. Or giant stickers you glue to your walls make for an incredible sight. The fantastic part about this is that not only are they incredibly cheap, but they also come in every shape and color you can imagine. Movie stars, film posters, quotes, skylines, bridges, animals, forests, fictional lands, you name it, they have it. Of course, to get that cozy feeling in your bedroom, you can’t just plaster a decal on; you’re going to have to get a little bit creative, according to your preferences.

For example, you could decorate an entire corner of your bedroom with the eerily beautiful winter landscape in Narnia, right where Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus. Talk about cozy!

Now that we’ve covered the big items in your dream bedroom, let’s cover the smaller ones as well.

  1. Floors

Wall and Floor Tile

We would suggest that you have wooden floors, as they are a lot more comfortable and warm than concrete ones, and also throw some rugs on the floors. These can be very cheap, depending on where you buy them, but they will most definitely cozy up the place. Just think about climbing out of bed in the morning, barefooted, and touching a soft, fluffy carpet. I think that’s one of the best feelings in the world.

You can also try throwing some small pillows on the floor here and there. The result is amazing. Your room will immediately feel like it’s so comfortable you could sleep anywhere, not just the bed.

  1. Windows

Bedroom Winter Bedroom Winter

Well, not windows per se, but curtains. Of course, you’ll want to have wide windows that ensure sufficient amounts of light before considering your curtains. Usually, pastels and cream-colored ones go best with the idea of a cozy bedroom, but you could also go with white or deep purples for a more striking effect. Just think about the view you’re going to have in the middle of the winter when you’re going to look outside and see snowflakes twirling around in the air through a window guarded by deep-shaded purple curtains.

Add some string lights on the walls, a few books and pillows on the floor, a small dog and his chew toy playing peacefully in a corner, your better half browsing Pinterest for your Christmas present, an unmade bed with stacked pillows and tossed up caramel-colored sheets, your hot coffee cup on the corner of your nightstand, basking away in the glow of the jar candle lights. I guarantee you won’t ever want to leave your bedroom again and realize happiness is in the small things.

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