Five Cookware Pieces That Go From Stovetop To Table


Cookware Pieces

A kitchen is a sacred space for those who love to cook and serve. Having the correct cookware items makes cooking easier and more pleasurable. But what if you could have the same utensils to cook as well as to serve? Today, kitchen equipment companies have come up with different types of cookware that not only toss up delectable food but also look aesthetically pleasing to serve at the dining table. Here is a must-have cookware selection that can go directly from stovetop to table.

  1. Dutch Ovens

A dutch oven is a thick-walled cooking vessel with a tight-fitting cover. Traditionally it was made of seasoned cast iron, but today, you find a wide variety of cast aluminum and ceramic finish. Some of the newer varieties are enameled and not seasoned. These come in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them ideal not only for cooking but also for serving at the dinner table.

This timeless piece of cookware has been in vogue since the 17th century when it was made out of brass. Over time, the materials used to make this pot have changed, but the primary purpose remains the same. You can stir up some amazing stews and soups, braise your favorite food and cook mouth-watering pasta, all of it in this wonder-pot. The self-basting cycle allows for slow cooking in own juices, while the thick-walled vessel keeps the food warm for hours.

The enameled Dutch ovens are available in unrivaled colors adding to the aesthetics of the kitchen. You can hang them on your kitchen rack or display them on the stovetop or even put them up at the dinner table – ready to be served.

  1. Oval Au Gratin

Having a stoneware oval au gratin dish is a must-have for all those who love baking and serving delectable dishes. It is ideal for vegetable gratin, apple crisp, creme brulee, fig quick bread, and any other dishes that need crisping and browning. This wide and shallow cooking vessel cooks all the food evenly, letting the ingredients be exposed to more direct heat. Hence, it allows for perfect browning.

Made out of stoneware, the oval au gratin looks stunning to be laid out at the dinner table too. It adds to the charm of the crockery. You can get the smaller sizes to make individual sides that fit on a dinner plate itself. If you have a larger gathering and want to make a bake, pick up the biggest size for everyone to relish the tasty food.

  1. Braisers

A must-have in any kitchen, a braiser is a heavy pan usually in enameled cast iron with a wide base and shallow sloped sides. It has a lid and handles on either side. It looks like a dutch oven; only the walls are shorter and more rounded on the bottom.

As the name suggests, a braiser involves two cooking processes, searing and simmering, and is ideal for tender pork roasts or smothered pork chops. The dish is wide and shallow for searing without steaming. At the same time, it is deep enough to hold small pieces of vegetables or chops with enough liquid for simmering. The result is a saucy and perfectly cooked dish. An enameled braiser can safely be used on a stovetop for cooking and oven for browning and placed directly at the dinner table for you to dig into.

  1. Roasters

If you love perfectly braised pulled pork, then you must have a roaster in your kitchen. This shallow-shaped dish is made out of enameled cast iron. It allows for even heat distribution, making it ideal for any roast, casseroles, and lasagna. All the ingredients cook completely and brown to perfection.

The best part is they are available in delightful colors that can be taken straight from your stovetop or oven to the dinner table, adding to the elegance of your dinnerware.

  1. Grillers

Experience the feel of an outdoor grill with indoor stovetop grillers. These square or rectangular-shaped skillet grills are ideal for cooking any kind of food. The high ridges allow the excess fat and grease to drain out while the spouts on either end make for drip-free pours. With long and sturdy handles, you can easily lift the pan and place it on the table without the fear of spilling.

Available in a beautiful array of colors, these enameled skillets are perfect for serving at the dinner table too.


Bring sophistication and style to your cooking with these smart-looking cookware pieces. They double up as cooking utensils and beautiful dinnerware, donning your dinner table for a regular family meal or a special occasion. So wait no more and grab your favorite piece!

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