Five New Kitchen Ideas To Try In The Summer


The kitchen is the heart of any family home, so you must keep it accessible and comfortable all year round. Keeping up with the changing seasons is a challenge that a lot of homeowners face year after year – thanks to the interior design specialists at Amtico, we’ve put together this list of five new kitchen ideas to try in the summer.

Swap Out Thick Curtains For Thin Ones

Kitchen Curtains

If you’ve got thicker curtains, you may think that you’re going to keep out the sunlight and stop it from leaking into the room – and that’s true, but they’re just as good at keeping the heat in as they are at keeping light out.

Thinner curtains might let more light through, but unless the sun’s pointing directly through the window, all you’ll feel is a little more warmth underfoot. If they still aren’t doing their job properly, switch to blinds – they’re more reflective and can be adjusted to let specific amounts of light through.

Add A Few Plants

Kitchen Plants

Summer allows most plants to thrive, mostly thanks to the increased sunlight and longer days. Plants can add some purity to the air and bring some more life to a kitchen counter or windowsill – and if you pick the right kind of plants, they won’t even need much maintenance to stay happy and healthy.

They don’t just have to be little plants in pots, either – some indoor vines can create a “European summer” feel, whereas a fruit-bearing mini-tree or bush can give you some extra ingredients to cook with. As long as you’ve got a room and enough shade, you could fit almost any kind of plant into your kitchen!

Change Around The Lights

Kitchen Lights

Summer brings longer days, and with those days come lighter mornings and sunsets. The brighter lights you’d use in the winter might be a bit overkill, so why not try using some dimmer or less obstructive bulbs?

You could also try out some indoor solar lights, too – the extra sunlight will make them viable at almost any time of day, and you won’t have to worry about using too much of your electricity on lighting a single room.

Get New Flooring

Kitchen Flooring

Your kitchen flooring matters a lot in the long run – certain materials, like carpets and rugs, will heat up in direct sunlight, and this heat will slowly spread through the room until the entire area is unbearably hot.

There are plenty of cooler floor materials to choose from – sealed hardwood, tiles, cork, marble, and linoleum all work well, as do many others. However, remember that darker, softer materials will usually absorb far more heat – this doesn’t just apply to regular flooring, but even things as small as a doormat.

Get More Use Out Of Your Windows

Kitchen Windows

Windows can be a powerful thing in the summer – they let cool air in, offer a nice way to get some sunlight and are generally handy to have around. However, many people forget that you can pass things through them, which opens up plenty more possibilities in the summer.

For example, you could install a table near one of your kitchen windows, making it much easier to serve food outdoors without having to carry it through the whole house. You could even set up a small keg that can be filled up from the kitchen and emptied from the garden, giving those outside supply of cool water.

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