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Construction Site Office

Construction businesses have gained the approval to get back in operations after a very long break during the pandemic. Since the industry will be back in action after a very long, unwanted break, it is evident that making the right decisions while setting up a construction site office becomes incredibly challenging.

The crew’s health and safety, the apparent need for extensive storage, and the social distancing contingencies must be considered in detail. It will ensure optimal levels of productivity for the maintenance of financial positions without a break.

The ideal construction site office must contain safety and security measures, necessary amenities, and visibility in layperson’s terms. These elements require steady planning and preparation to yield satisfactory results.

Here is an analysis of challenges that may pop up while you plan a construction site office after the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic that has shaken the world to its core.

How Challenging Is Construction Site Office Planning?

When you start a construction project, you can plan and execute the project to perfection. Similarly, you need to invest your time calculating the measures required to succeed with the site office setup.

From setting up the proper documentation on-site to organizing stationery and equipment, taking all of the care of all of these steps beforehand will help you enjoy a hassle-free work-life that lets you focus on the project without any announced breaks. You must keep in mind that the site office is the space that the workers will use as soon as they come on-site.

The office will be used for reporting visits, holding meetings, and planning operations for the day. While you can learn a lot about efficient construction project management from the resource on, you will still need to work on the physical environment. Remember that you need to comply with the federal regulations to ensure best practices on the construction site, and you will be all good to go.

Health And Safety Concerns

After the outspread of COVID-19, health and safety measures have become a serious concern. The sanitization and social distancing measures have become a mandatory requirement that needs to be incorporated in every space of the office environment.

You must make sure that the construction office you plan to put together must allow the one-meter-plus rule that allows workers to stay physically distant while they are at work. If the available space restricts you, you must stock up on disposable masks, gloves, and sanitization units around entrances and exits.

Setting limitations on the number of people who can gather at once in canteens or meeting rooms can also work well in limiting interactions that could lead to contamination.

  1. Security

Construction sites deal with a lot of expensive equipment that needs to be left on the site. Theft is a common occurrence on sites left unsecured, as these sites often tend to become gold mines for individuals with ill-intents.

It is statistically observed that attacks on construction sites occur during the weekend or the long breaks when no one keeps a close eye on the machinery and other equipment. Site offices usually have steel containers to store the documents and valuable items against vandalism and theft.

Finding a secure box to deposit the essentials of a construction site is a no-brainer!

  1. Protection Against The Weather

The weather is another monster that leaves the site unusable after an episode of rain and snow. If you take smart measures of weatherproofing, then you can continue with the operations as usual. Weatherproof coverings and equipment depositories can work ideally in this case.

Another aspect of weatherproofing is the accommodation of the entire staff in a tight space. If unscheduled weather events like storms or rains occur, you must have enough space to keep all workers off-site, dry, and safe from the contamination of the COVID-19 virus.

  1. Workspace

The construction site office is not built of bricks and steel alone. It is made of the greatest assets for the company; its employees. When you value your construction workers and engineers, architects, and technicians, you can achieve every goal on your charts.

Amenities such as portable toilets, showers, and drying rooms are necessary for every site office. It would be best if you planned the finances and spaces to accommodate these needs easily. It would help if you kept it in mind that the employees’ privacy must be maintained, and they must not feel indignant by communal systems.

The use of double glazed windows on the external boundaries of the office will keep your employees motivated. Better visibility of the progress will work as a psychological stimulant that will work ideally for you!

  1. Equipment And Information Requirements

Construction site offices must carry a heavy-duty first aid kit easily accessible for everyone working on the site. Keeping a first aid kit in the site office will require high maintenance that entails regular restocking and managing the physical storage environment.

A fire extinguishing system for emergencies is another must-have that requires no reminders. Keeping fire extinguishers at accessible points all over the construction site can ensure your protection from arson and other damages.

All the documents housed in the office space like health and safety policies, induction paperwork, accident long, risk assessments, work permits, construction phase plans, and records must be kept safe with restricted access. These documents must be kept on-site with continuous protection.

  1. Informative Display

The construction office on site is the center of the hustle and bustle throughout the day. This is why office organizers must place signs for non-verbal communication on every appropriate spot. Check-in and check-out systems must be kept open so that everyone can punch out without unnecessary hassles to anyone.

Proper notice boards, rules and regulation posters, and indications about the storage of spare PPEs, masks, and gloves must be made public knowledge for better productivity.

Final Thoughts

When you have the correct measures in place throughout the site, nothing stops you from success with your project. Keeping track of the legal requirements and basic amenities will boost the management of your construction project. It will let you get done quicker than your expectations!

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