Five Tips For Maintaining Your Faucet


Maintaining Your Faucet

We understand that certain faucets can be a bit tricky when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, we have prepared this guide for you that tries to explain certain tricks for your regular cleaning and specialized cleaning procedures for the trickier metal faucets.

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  1. General Cleaning Procedure For Faucets

It is not always about buying the most expensive faucets to coordinate the decor aesthetics of your bathroom. There is a lot that follows after you have installed the faucets and other bathroom utilities. Most important of all is cleaning. While you must understand how cleaning of faucets is done, it is also crucial to know what and how much the finishing of your faucets can tolerate.

A faucet that has a matt finish might require a lot of care because it is delicate. But generally, what we recommend is that you carefully read the instruction manual that often comes with the faucets.

But as a general cleaning procedure, you can always use a mild cleanser. Using a mildly wet cloth applied with the cleanser, clean the faucets and scrub without imposing too much pressure on it. Scrubbing harshly might ruin the look of your metallic faucets. Clean the excess soap with the use of water and later use a spongy towel or soft cloth so as to avoid stains. Now, isn’t that simple?

  1. Lime Deposits Can Be A Stubborn Deal

You might have bought your dream house that fell well within the confines of your budget, only to be later depressed about the fact that tap water is not drinkable, and now, there comes an unprecedented set of new challenges. But when it comes to cleaning your bathroom faucets, we are here to help you.

The most common minerals that are found in hard water are sulfites, carbonates, bicarbonates, magnesium, etc. To take this challenge on, all you have to do is to follow the same steps as above. However, if you have moved into your new home only recently and the said deposits are too tough a thing to get rid of, we suggest you pour some white vinegar that we often have in our homes and pour water to make it a little viscous.

Apply the same on the spots where lime has accumulated and leave it there undisturbed for some time. Remove the solution and clear the extra remains with a washcloth, microfiber cloth, or spongy towel. While using vinegar is considered eco-friendly, you must read the instruction manual thoroughly so that you do not end up losing the minty luster look of your faucets.

  1. Do Not Forget About The Aerator

One common thing that people end up forgetting or are not aware of is the aerators. Aerators are devices that are attachments that ensure a smooth flow of water from the faucets. It is the device that is responsible for mixing water and air. Once you detach the aerator and dissemble its constituent parts, you are ready for the cleaning process.

All you are required to do is first rinse them out carefully, and while the crevices and curves can be a little tough to get hold of, use a normal ordinary toothbrush to clear out the dunk. If the deposits are too nasty for you to take out manually, dip them in white vinegar solution and make sure the constituents in all their entirety have completely emerged in the vinegar-water solution.

Rinse them out after some time and re-assemble the parts to reinstall the aerator. While one can be lazy about these things, you can buy the same in any hardware store since aerators are not very expensive.

  1. Minor Repairments Are Quite Common. Get A Kit.

Other than faucets, there are other things that usually require both repairments as well as replacements. Things like springs or seats often suffer from common anomalies through no fault of our own. The professionals at the hardware store should be able to provide you with a decent kit and all other tools that you might require for such events.

  1. Read Your Warranty Card.

Free money and free service visits? A definite yes! While we end up repairing various fixtures and sometimes the entire bathroom equipment, we often forget to check our warranty cards offered by our retailers. Some of the issues with the bathroom faucets are usually covered by the retail company. Most of us ignore or choose not to take a look before we go out on a shopping spree. So, make sure that you go through all such particulars before investing money in them.

Final Words

There is no denying that maintaining a healthy, cleaned, and sanitized bathroom is of utmost importance. If you are thinking of executing a thorough cleaning project, make sure that you clear out all the deposits and grime from the faucets. One might think in a dismissive sense about how much dirt can accumulate, well, see for yourself and be a better judge of the situation. Clean your faucets today and achieve an optimized peace of mind state today!

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