Five Tips On How To Boost The Efficiency Of Your Air-Conditioners


One of the most important components of any home or commercial set up is ventilation and air flow system. Especially with weather changes that happen in external environment, it is vital that air supplied at your place is at controlled temperature and free of dust particles.

  • This role is majorly played by air conditioners in an indoor set. The name itself describes its action that is conditioning of air which means air from outside is sucked, is cleaned before it enters inside and is then cooled or heated as required before it is circulated.
  • This unit consists of different parts which include but are not limited to blower, duct, fan, filters and vent etc. It also has a cooling and heating system to regulate temperature and sensor which helps to read and control it.
  • It is really crucial that this system must be well-maintained and serviced so that they function efficiently. In order to do this you have to know few basics about system and tip to manage it effectively.

Tips to increase the efficiency of air conditionerAir-Conditioner for home

Tip 1:

First and the foremost advice are to make sure that your air conditioning unit is installed properly and is easily accessible for any service requirements or repair works. There are different types like ductless units, split AC which are normally the silent ones with vent outlet and exhaust further off. There are rooftop air conditioning units which are typically found in the commercial places or the regular window fit units. Regardless of which one is employed it is must that their parts can be conveniently reached for service purposes. Regular maintenance and servicing is a key to long running of these units.’

Tip 2:

Apart from carrying out routine maintenance there is number of things that one can to themselves to ensure good working condition of air conditioners. ‘

  • Therefore, any abnormality in functioning shall not be overlooked. For instance, if the air is not sufficiently cooled as per the set temperature then this may be eventually become a major concern. This can be easily avoided by checking if fan motor is running correctly.‘
  • In many circumstances the condenser works properly but because of damaged motor fan does not circulate cool air. There is a sensor as well which senses the temperature of the air that is being cooled and working of this is equally essential. Incorrect functioning of this may lead to failure of system to regulate conditioning of air.

Tip 3:

Another important action that should be completed on timely basis is cleaning of filters. Clogging of filters may prevent air flow and hence they should be either cleaned if possible or shall be replaced. It is also advisable to check that the coil is not iced because that can be an alternative reason for inefficient air circulation.

Tip 4:

A very common symptom that is encountered with these units is leaking of water. When the system cools, excess moisture is condensed to water and the system leaks. This normally happens with newly installed ones. A trial can be done by increasing the temperature of the room to prevent condensation of excess moisture. Secondly, depending on how the drain from AC is managed, severity of problems can be decided. If it is going to impact indoor walls, then it is advisable to call technicians.

Tip 5:

A good amount of saving can be wisely done on the utility bills of air conditioners by taking very simple steps. Make sure unit is on only when required. Most of these have timers installed which help you time the ON period so that even in your absence it will be turned off.

Finally, you must remember that scheduled maintenance must not be avoided and any abnormality shall be rectified quickly. Switch it to fan only when room is sufficiently cooled. Visit this link for more information about air conditioners.

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