Five Tips To Prepare Yourself Before Moving Out


Moving To New Home

Are you gearing up to move to a more spacious property in the suburbs? Or perhaps, you’re relocating to another city after securing a much-anticipated promotion at work. Either way, planning a move is a hectic ordeal, and the exhaustion can dim your excitement about relocating.

Packing all your belongings and hauling your entire life to a new home isn’t easy. Many homeowners struggle to break the sentimental ties they harbor with a property they called home for so long. However, if you embrace a tactful approach to planning your move, you can streamline the process to eliminate the exhaustion.

We’ve compiled some smart tips that will prepare you for an efficient and streamlined move.

Here, take a look:

  1. Mission Declutter

Homeowners accumulate excessive clutter, junk, and unwanted items that end up in the garage or an attic. The mess of unwanted appliances, discarded furniture, and broken fixtures weighs upon our lifestyle, denying us the comfort of our living spaces.

Is your garage cluttered with broken appliances and discarded toddler furniture too? Is your attic serving as a storeroom to stock up all the inherited furniture you’ll never use?

This clutter prevents you from putting your living spaces to good use to add comfort and quality to your lifestyle. Therefore, it’s essential to undertake a decluttering mission before you move into your new home.

If you’re from anywhere in Oklahoma, moving is challenging because the city is known for soaring temperatures in the summers. Furniture and precious items often require climate-controlled settings to prevent damages. It is an excellent idea to consider storage units where you can store your furniture and precious stuff without worrying about damaging them and move them only when you’re all set up in your new home.

Finding storage units is easy; all you have to do is search for the term self-storage in Edmond, OK, on Google to find the best climate-controlled storage units with dedicated parking for easy access. Storage units are a fantastic option to help reduce transportation costs and avoid carrying clutter that doesn’t serve a purpose in your life.

As the wise Mary Kondo says, discard all items that don’t spark joy!

  1. The Room-By-Room Approach

The thought of having to pack every single room in your home can be overwhelming. It requires a Herculean effort to dismantle everything and pack your entire life in cardboard boxes. How can you make this process easier and streamlined? It’s simple; adopt the room-by-room packing approach.

We advise you to start packing the least essential rooms and work your way to the most important spaces. For instance, start by packing all the decoration items, the artwork, and other non-essentials. Clear out the drawing and dining areas, the patio, and walkways, and work your way up to the living room.

After you’re done with the walkways, patio, and dining areas, start packing up the playroom and study, reserving the master bedroom and kitchen for the last.

Remember; you’ll need a functional kitchen and living room space until the very last day. But you can always start packing away your precious cutlery and china, storing away all delicate items with care. The room-by-room packing approach will make the process less challenging and speedy.

  1. Delegate Effectively

It’s essential to delegate all packing and storing tasks equally across all family members. No one family member should end up burdened by all the effort and hard work. Adults should encourage children to participate in the process, making them responsible for packing their belongings. Children and teenagers should take responsibility for their rooms, toys, books, and clothing.

Effective delegation will divide chores across everyone, and you won’t feel the pressure of doing everything alone. We advise you to create a comprehensive checklist of chores and delegate responsibilities to develop a strong sense of discipline.

  1. Label The Boxes

Imagine having to open every single box to find your daughter’s favorite cereal or your favorite comforter. The struggle of finding which item went in which package is stressful. It prevents homeowners from settling into their new properties for weeks. It’s essential to eliminate the struggle with a simple solution: label the boxes.

Be sure to create elaborate labels for each box. When boxes are labeled, every family member can pick their boxes and unpack them in their new rooms with ease. Create a list of all the contents in the box and paste this list on the lid. This list will help you keep track of all your belongings, and it will caution the movers to handle delicate items carefully.

  1. Don’t Overburden Yourself

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and anxious by the prospects of packing all your belongings and possessions. But overburdening yourself will only riddle your body with physical and mental stress. It’s essential to carve out a thoughtful approach with a streamlined strategy to avoid overburdening yourself.

Don’t go around pushing and pulling heavy furniture and bulky items. Instead, engage reliable professionals to do the job for you. Delegate effectively and engage all family members to reduce the burden and divide the effort. Nothing good ever comes out of stress and anxiety. If you feel stressed, take a step back and relax, and find an efficient way to perform the task at hand.


Moving out from one property to another is no walk in the park. You’re likely to feel stressed and exhausted for days to come. But you can make the process easier and simpler by adopting a mindful approach.

Remember, packing and moving out is just one phase of the relocation process. It would be best to conserve your energy and strength as you have to unpack and settle into your new home.

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