Five Top Tips For Designing The Dressing Room Of Your Dreams


Luxury Dressing Room

Every woman longs for that ‘Carrie Bradshaw moment,’ where you’re swept off your feet by the closet of your dreams, with towering shelves of designer shoes, glass top drawers filled with fine jewelry and rail after rail of beautiful clothing. But, a walk-in wardrobe is so much more than a fairy-tale addition to your home, whether you’re converting the spare room, or making use of wasted space, a dressing area offers a practical storage solution that can be customized to accommodate all your bits and pieces. Designing this space can be a daunting task, so we’ve teamed up with North East furniture design and installation specialists Bespoke Interiors to bring you six top tips for planning your dream dressing room.

  1. Address Your Storage Needs

Luxury Dressing Room Designs

Before you start designing your new dressing room, you should review your existing set-up. Consider what is working well for you, and what your current storage system is lacking. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with drawer space, but have nowhere to house your ever-growing shoe collection? In which case, you’ll want to include some tall shelving units to keep your footwear neat and tidy, but you won’t need to worry about adding extra drawers. You’ll also want to determine what space is for. Are you using it for storage and storage only? Or, will it become your sanctuary for getting glammed up in before a night out? The intended use of the space will help you to decide what furnishings you need.

  1. Maximize The Space

Modern Dressing Room

The key to designing the perfect dressing area is to maximize all the available space using a combination of clever storage solutions. When assessing the available space, you should consider every awkward corner as an opportunity to be creative, whether it’s adding a handy storage bench along a half-wall, or using corner cabinets to add more hanging space. Sometimes it can be challenging to envision the area, so you might want to enlist the help of an expert to make sure you don’t miss any tricks. Arrange a few consultations with local interiors companies to learn more about how to make your space work for you.

  1. Lighting Is Always A Bright Idea

Dressing Room Lighting Ideas

Illuminating your clothing and accessories with overhead lighting creates an ambient setting and offers improved visibility for your favorite items. Choose Hollywood style lighting surrounds for your vanity mirror and pair with a glittering chandelier for a glamorous finish. Or, use spotlights and standing lamps for a sophisticated aesthetic.

  1. Set The Tone

Contemporary Dressing Room Design

When designing your dressing room, there are various styles you could opt for. Ask yourself what vibe you want to achieve from the setting – luxurious? Minimal? Or maybe, contemporary? Next, think about the size of the room and the natural light available, especially when considering color. Light, neutral shades make small rooms seem brighter and more inviting, whereas rich tones can be used in larger spaces for a touch of luxury.

  1. Keep An Eye On The Details

Dressing Room Storage

It’s the little finishing touches that elevate a dressing room from a simple storage area to your haven. It could be the quirky wall art that represents your personality or a sweet vanilla scented candle that relaxes you after a long day in the office, the vibe you want to create is totally up to you!

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