Five Ways To Connect With Nature At Home


For nature lovers, a house is nothing more than a form of protection from the elements. What makes a house a home for these people is the inclusion of natural elements that create a feeling of being outside even when they’re stuck in the house.

Being connected with nature can have numerous health benefits, including stress reduction and air purification. Here are a few ways you can connect with nature from the comfort of your own home.

Install A Green Wall

Green Side Walls

A green wall, or vertical garden, is an installation that allows the growth and watering of plants on an indoor or outdoor wall. The installation can include basic greenery, or vegetables, depending on the level of care and attention you wish to dedicate to its maintenance.

Green walls not only purify the air, but they also have mood and productivity-boosting effects. Furthermore, they offer a certain level of noise reduction, which is a bonus for those living in a busy, urban area.

If a large-scale green wall seems like too much, you can also have them adjusted to size. Rather than covering an entire wall, you could have a 3×5-foot installation surrounded by an ornate picture frame, giving you not only the natural benefits but an amazing decor piece.

Buy or Build a Garden Table

Garden Table

If you have the space for a large table in your kitchen or dining room, consider buying or building a garden table. This specially designed table has a lowered area in the center of the dining space in which you can grow live plants. Who needs to bring home fresh flowers for a centerpiece when your centerpiece grows naturally?

A garden table is also a great place to grow herbs for cooking. Be sure to account for drainage and moisture protection if you decide to design and build your garden table.

Use Natural Wood Elements

Garden Lighting

Rather than buying highly polished, sanded, and buffed wood furniture, consider taking a more natural approach. Driftwood decor barely finished wooden shelves, and unstained furniture creates a natural ambiance that brings the feeling of nature into your home.

By embracing natural wood decor elements, you also open up new opportunities for DIY projects and cost-saving furniture purchases. A large, treated stump makes a great coffee table. Varnished wooden crates can be stacked to create a bookcase. You are limited only by your imagination and the endless inspiration available on Pinterest.

Nature-Inspired Decor

Beautiful Zen Indoor Garden

If your love of nature doesn’t extend far enough to bring the outdoors into your living room, consider purchasing decor elements that are inspired by nature. Fabrics printed with ferns, large photos and murals depicting different natural scenes, and framed; pressed flowers can pay tribute to your love of nature.

Think beyond decor elements and consider the structure of your home as well. Do you have large windows that allow for natural light? Is Stone masonry reminiscent of the mountains? Exposed beams for a natural, forest-like feel? Subtle water features to incorporate the sound of a trickling stream? These are understated ways to pay tribute to the natural world around you.

Take it Outside

Tulsa GreenScapes Pergolas

If the outdoors is where your heart truly lies, then consider investing in a space outside where you can relax and unwind. To make it read, consider investing in an outdoor living and conversation space where you can relax, and unwind.

If creating the backyard paradise you want is outside your scope of abilities, consider hiring someone to do the work for you. Landscaping and design, such as Tulsa Green Scapes, can work with you to design pergolas on which plants will grow to create a natural awning overhead. If you are an avid gardener, creating a place outdoors that you can retreat to when the world inside becomes too much may be the best option.

Incorporating the natural world into your home will reconnect you with your evolutionary roots. We are fortunate enough that we no longer have to brave the elements; we can pick and choose which ones we want to celebrate.

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