Five Ways To Décor Your Living Rooms For Theme Parties


Five Ways To Décor Your Living Rooms For Theme Parties

2018 is here, and the party is still going on. It’s party season, and as house parties are the new cool now, it’s obvious some of you are confused about how to be a perfect host. If it’s a theme party, you got to make your living rooms look like the theme, i.e., if it’s a Halloween party, you must get pumpkins. Décor is the first thing that will catch the attention of your sensitive girlfriends (some men too) as it is the heart of the party, considering that it will describe your party theme more than anything else in the room. It needs a lot of research on the theme to throw a theme party. According to the theme, there are loads of stuff for décor like ceiling decorations, paper lanterns, centerpieces, balloons, party lights, Confetti, and so much more.

We List Five Theme Options To Choose From

  1. Christmas Theme Decoration:

Christmas Theme Decoration

Christmas is a joyful festival with all those yum cakes, beautiful trees, star lanterns, and lights. Christmas is a festival of togetherness and, therefore, a perfect theme for a party. Having a party with such a theme is attractive and also has a lot of options for décor.

Things Required For A Basic Christmas Party Decoration

  • Christmas Pine Tree
  • Candles
  • Star Lanterns
  • LED lights
  • Tree Decorations
  • Wall Stickers
  • Wall Hangers
  • Green/Red Carpet

The theme is very beautiful when kept simple. Get a Christmas pine tree and decorate it with accessories of red or golden hue and LED lights. Set up candles (preferably white and can be set in holders of different colors), wall stickers/wall hangers with a reindeer or Santa Claus theme.

This is a very basic Christmas party decoration and will appeal to all of your guests. It has everything a well celebrated Christmas should comprise of. You will get all the things required for the party décor online or in a gift store near you.


You can find Christmas tree decorations, lanterns, and wall decorations online at amazing prices on Amazon and Qtrove. This look will have everything a well celebrated Christmas should comprise of. The complete décor will cost you an average of Rs. 4000-5000.


Handcrafted Wooden Christmas Decorations Figurines and Tree are available at. Rs. 550 on Qtrove.

Star Lantern lights are priced at Rs. 399 on Amazon.

  1. New Year Theme Decoration:

New Year Theme Decoration

New Year celebrations are the most awaited for parties. This theme is very light, and very little décor can satisfy everyone. Since New Year celebrations are mostly about food and fun, décor goes avoided at most parties, and we are here to fix that.

New Year parties should focus mainly on lights, walls, and hanging décor.

Things Required:

  • Fairy Lights and Disco Balls
  • Confetti
  • Wall Stickers
  • Wall Hangings
  • Paper plates
  • Paper glasses
  • Plastic Table Covers
  • Party Hats/Masks
  • Blowers

Focusing on lights is really important and so fairy lights and disco balls will be a perfect choice for such a party. Use confetti/wall stickers related to main attractions in the party, e.g., stickers of wine glasses. Food and drinks are the stars of the night, and it completely depends on how they stand out, except you can use glamorous paper plates and glasses and table covers with party themes which will get you an extra pat on the back.

Due to a hectic lifestyle, we tend to panic about how to manage the after-party mess and hence, avoid parties altogether. New year parties are especially a problem since the crowd will be bigger. For this suggested theme, you use paper plates and glasses and plastic table covers, which will automatically ree cleaning tasks so that you can have tension-free fun at your party.


All lighting systems can be found online on Amazon and Flipkart. Plastic Table Covers, Confetti, and wall hangings can be found on Amazon at the lowest prices. The average cost for this suggested party décor will be around Rs. 8000-10000.


Fairy lights/LED lights are available at Rs. 499 on Amazon

Plastic Table Covers are available at Rs. 1514 on Amazon

Wall Hangings/Banners are available at Rs. 335 on Amazon

  1. Fire And Ice Theme Decoration:

Fire and Ice Theme Decoration

Fire and ice are partners in crime because of their sizzling chemistry. So why not together in a party theme? Two of the most attractive hues, vibrant flame reds and icy whites come together to create an amazing ambiance, and trust us; your peeps will love the intriguing party atmosphere.

Things Required:

  • Icy White Tree Structure
  • Red and White Hair accessories
  • Red and White Party Masks
  • Red and White Carpets
  • Wall Stickers (Fire/Ice theme)
  • Confetti (Red/Icy White)
  • Icy Blue/White and Red Fairy Lights or Disco Lights or LED cubes
  • Red and Icy White Satin Silk Cloth
  • Rectangular columns

An icy white tree structure is going to be the heart of the “ice” side, and a fireplace is going to be the heart of the “fire” side. Uncover the carpets, put up the stickers, spread the Confetti, set up the lights and the columns with the cloth covering them. Use hair accessories and masks to decorate yourselves according to Team “Fire” or “Ice,” whichever you choose.

For such a party, you need to keep in mind the creation of juxtaposition of fire and ice. This décor plan keeps in mind the contrast and the ease of availability of party items.


Find the blue and red lights, Confetti and other decorations at discounted prices on Amazon app and eBay. Such a décor plan would cost you around Rs. 8000-10000.


Fairy lights/LED lights are available at Rs. 499 on Amazon

Satin Silk Cloth is available at Rs. 700 on eBay.

  1. Back To College Theme Decoration:

Back to College Theme Decoration

There’s never a better time to meet college friends, and what is better than a theme party dedicated to old college times? Much more personal than those batch parties organized by colleges, this theme party can also end those stupid yet fun enmities between batchmates (they need to end sometime, right?). Mostly, it will bring all of you together, and fond memories will light up the party décor even more.

Things Required:

  • Speakers (for those cheesy Bollywood songs about friendships and parties)
  • Collage of all (available) photos of people in your batch
  • Party hats
  • Chairs (preferably, look-alikes of your classroom chairs)
  • Confetti
  • Wall Hangings and Stickers of books and various things relating to your classroom

This theme is very interactive centric, and therefore, you need not concentrate too much on décor. You can do the basics like put up the amazing collage you made, and wall stickers of books and stationery would be amazing. Additionally, get a wine bottle for that thrilling game of Truth or Dare and speakers for that unfinished dance competition.

Food and interaction will make this party almost complete, so don’t forget to concentrate on the food and drinks menu. Get food and drinks related to the college canteen if you want to feel extra nostalgic. Keep the décor of the living room simple like the above-suggested way and enjoy your nostalgic roller-coaster ride.


Buy Sony or JBL speakers with amazing bass on Amazon and Flipkart. Another décor can also be found on Amazon. This plan will be light in your pockets and cost you around Rs. 5000-7000.


Speakers start from Rs. 1799 on Amazon and Flipkart.

Wall Hangings start from Rs. 499 on Amazon and eBay.

  1. Emoji Theme Decoration:

Emoji Theme Decoration

Emojis are the most fun part of texting in today’s generation. Not only do they help in expressing ourselves better, but emojis have also now evolved enough to become whole conversations. The list and look of emojis keep changing with every update your messenger undergoes, and that is what keeps us hooked on them.

Things Needed:

  • Confetti of different colors
  • Lamps with a yellow hue
  • Emoji Toy Balls
  • Emoji Party hats, plates, and glasses
  • Wall Stickers with Emojis
  • Paper Plates and Cups with Emojis
  • Table Covers with Emojis
  • Emoji Sofa Cushions
  • Emoji Curtains
  • Balloons with Emojis
  • Everything with Emojis!!!

This party theme is the most exciting because it’s about emojis, after all. You can get masks and hats with emojis on them also. Use the Confetti wall stickers on walls, tie balloons to the sides of sofas, chairs, and windows, and decorate with the table covers, sofa cushions, and curtains to complete the party look.

Emoji parties are everything about emojis, so get all the décor related to emojis. Emojis are pretty, and so will be your party. Arrange for emoji games that will triple the fun, and most importantly, enjoy the party.


 Buy all emoji-related décor online at amazing prices on Amazon. Emoji party themes will cost you around Rs. 3000-4000.


Emoji pillows start from Rs. 282 on Amazon.

Emoji Stickers start from Rs. 199 on Flipkart.

Party decorations can be fun alone, but it’s just more diverse and thrilling when done with friends. So, involve your friends and make them think. Christmas and New Year parties are the most sought-after themes but also heavy on your pockets and time-consuming at the same time. “Fire and Ice” are exotic, and you have plenty of options for décor. “Back to College” focuses on quality time spent with friends than décor. The “Emoji” theme focuses on décor but requires very less thinking (everything is about emojis!) and, therefore, is a quick fix to your weekend dilemma about plans. So, choose and have fun with it!

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