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FlexClip Real Estate Video Maker

Are you a decor enthusiast or professional interior designer but don’t know how to give your job a little more professionalism? With the “interior decorating video” base, you can impress anyone who sees your performances and present the latest decor ideas with impressive quality videos. Imagine finishing your video with a summary of the interior designers, and you will know how you will become as professional as the great Interior decoration Advertising do.

But you don’t have a clue how to make videos, do you? But today is your lucky day because I will explain everything you need to make videos online and therefore promote your decor design through videos (even if you start from scratch and have never done it). The online video editor that I want to introduce is FlexClip, which allows you to create a video for your interior decoration and design easily.

What’s FlexClip Video Maker?

FlexClip Online Video Maker

It is one of the complete online video makers that can be found on the internet. FlexClip allows you to edit videos freely (by cutting them, adding titles, background music, etc.) and creating montages with photos and videos starting from preset templates. On the whole, it can be used without too many problems even by those who cannot call themselves an expert in multimedia editing. In its free version, FlexClip has a logo printed at the beginning of the exported video. Unfortunately, you need to subscribe for a subscription of 4.99 dollars/month or 7.99 dollars/year to remove it.

I state that this is my FIRST attempt. First, I opened the editor and tried to understand how it works. I must say that it is immediate and clear. Apart from the first 5 minutes of panic, I managed to edit my first video on my own because, on the FlexClip website, you will find many instructions for editing a video.

What Can Be Done With This Editor?

Video Editor For Interior Designers

  • Create videos from photos
  • Edit videos, then cut pieces and assemble them
  • Add music, overlays, logos, and special effects
  • Insert diverse, dynamic text
  • Slow-motion
  • Record screen and much more

I recommend you subscribe to it if you think you will use it regularly since the paid version incorporates a series of ‘features’ that the free version does not have, but you can always use the FREE option to do the first tests.

Final Words

Free Online Video Maker

You can use FlexClip video maker to create videos and start sharing the decor ideas now, and of course, you can also rely on Imovie and KineMaster. But with a video, it is undoubtedly the most creative and funniest choice, coming to solicit the viewer’s curiosity. After being persuaded by “quality content” in video format, the public seeks more information about the company’s activity behind the audiovisual, goes to its website, goes to its point of decoration sale, or directly changes its behavior buying the product or service of the company. Fantastic, isn’t it?

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