Floating Shelves: A Beautiful Way to Design Your Home


Ikea Floating Shelves

Floating shelves, as the name suggests, are shelves which are designed in such a way that the supporting brackets are hidden within the shelf and it appears as if the shelf is floating on the wall. These shelves are easy to make and they can hold considerable amount of weight. Moreover, it adds to the beauty of the room and are elegant, simple and easy to maintain.

Modern Interiors

Floating shelves can be added anywhere in your house, be it your dining room, drawing room, bedroom or kitchen. There are varieties of design ideas for floating shelves that are available nowadays. A few of them have been described in this article.

Fiorella Design:

Tile Backsplash

These designs are perfectly suited for kitchen area. These are stainless steel floating shelves because of which they can be used for keeping heavy stuff without any fear of collapsing. Apart from being tough (in terms of storing heavy material), they also impart an elegant and divine look.

Doorway Shelves:

Doorway Shelves

This design idea for floating shelves can be incorporated in a place where the door between two rooms is very wide. This is a great idea for showing off your books and other prized possessions (art works, show pieces).

Fireplace Built Ins:

Wood Mantels

Floating shelves can even be placed near a fireplace if there is some recess area around it. They add to the elegance of the fireplace and are actually not expensive at all. Even windows can be surrounded by floating shelves. Putting floating shelves of different colors will make the place more lively and colorful.

Office on A Wall:

Home Office Ideas

If you don’t have an office setup at your place and your documents keep lying here and there, this design idea for floating shelves would be perfect for you. You can transform your wall into a workplace by adding some floating shelves to your living room. De-clutter your living area by building these shelves that are easy to make and elegant when looked at.

Floating Library:

Floating Shelves

If you love being around books, why not create a library of your own that too on floating shelves. Dedicate a wall or two of your bedroom to your books. Shelves will transform your simple room into a beautiful one and all your books will also be in one place.

Articles Gallery:

Floating Shelves

Add floating shelves to your drawing room for displaying articles that are less functional and more useful for decorating purpose. Or you can place articles made by your kids. This will give it a funky look.

Shelves for Accessories:

Bathroom Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be added in the bathrooms to make it more spacious and also for storing bathroom accessories. In this way small bathroom area can be modified into a virtually larger and beautiful place.

Floating shelves can beautify your place to a great extent but make sure you don’t overdo it because putting lots of floating shelves can actually make your house interiors look less spacious. Too many shelves will ultimately spoil the look and make the place look crowdid.



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