Floor Tile Ideas To Revamp Your Modern Home


Floor Tile Ideas

Are you thinking of remodeling your home? You’ve probably also set aside some budget for floor tiles. But, regardless of the design and your budget, floor tiles are one of the most innovative ways to add flair to your modern home’s décor. Given the wide range of floor tiles Australia, you can effortlessly give a stylish and unique look to your home.

From a bathroom flooring with graphic patterns to a kitchen with a visually appealing marble checkboard pattern, we have put across extensively researched floor tile ideas for revamping your modern home.

  1. Graphic & Art Tile Patterns:

Planning to divide different areas of your home with a contrasting appeal? Well, graphic tile patterns will do the trick.

You can even go with geometric patterns in certain home areas, such as the kitchen floors and sunroom. In fact, these tiles are popular amongst homeowners for their ability to transform modern homes through a feature wall.

You can choose from a wide range of colors, such as neutral palettes, monochromatic, subtle blues, and more. Then, it’s time to show off your style with one of these graphic floor tile patterns.

  1. Textured Tiles:

Are you done with smooth or glazed flat tiles? Just get textured floor tiles with a rough surface, and voila!

Interestingly, the popularity of these tiles has grown over the years. Continued evolution and its ability to meet modern trends are possible reasons homeowners opt for textured tiles.

These tiles have a reputation for exemplifying the look and feel of your home. Apart from this, you can use them to make smaller places seem more prominent, especially by using wavy patterns. So, if you have a plan to accentuate your interiors with contrasting elements, textured tiles are worth every penny.

  1. Large Format Tiles:

Ask any interior décor expert about the most drastic change in the ceramic sector in recent years, and they will unanimously respond: tile size.

If you intend to give an open feel to your rooms, large format tiles will perfectly fit your requirement.

In fact, you can even consider them, especially if you are planning to go with visually decorative designs. You can seamlessly revamp your home with large format tiles, as each format opens up endless aesthetic possibilities.

  1. Matte Finish Tiles:

Are you thinking of redecorating your bathroom? Well, you should consider going with matte finish tiles, as they are not just sleek but also visually appealing.

Do smudges or watermarks on your bathroom tiles bother you? As opposed to glossy tiles, Matte tiles come with a low sheen so that stains won’t show as quickly. In other words, you can also call them low-maintenance tiles, which makes them a perfect fit for modern bathrooms.

However, low sheen also comes with its share of side effects. Since these tiles can barely reflect light, so you have to ensure that there’s an abundance of either natural or artificial light in the spaces you plan to install them.

  1. Stone And Marble Design Tiles:

Look through any publication across Australia, and you will most likely come across at least one reference to stone and marble design tiles.

The popularity of these tiles can also be understood from the fact they are one of the top choices of most homeowners in Australia.

The natural shine and coloring of marble give a classy and elegant appeal to bathrooms. And when it comes to beautifying your home, why stay restricted to bathrooms, as you can also use stone and marble design tiles on wooden benchtops and chrome tapware?

  1. Dimensional Tiles:

Dimensional tiles rank amongst the top most adored tiles in the year 2022. What’s more? They are also favorites of creative homeowners and interior designers alike.

Dimensional tiles are basically 3-dimensional tiles that add a sculptural appeal to your modern bathroom.

You can easily get dimensional tiles in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes. Some of the most popular shapes include hexagons and geometric. If you are planning to give a personal touch or make an ordinary space visually appealing, you should go with dimensional tiles.

  1. Glossy Tiles:

Are you one of those Aussies who just love dramatizing everything in their life?

Well, glossy tiles are just the perfect fit to add grandeur to your modern bathroom or kitchen. Since they are elegant and polished, you may not find them overwhelming.

They are ideally suited for small spaces, as these tiles can make a small room seem bigger than its actual size. However, they have a reputation for being high maintenance, as they require regular cleaning due to their glossy finish.


So, that’s all you need to design the home of your dreams…

However, before you begin your quest for the perfect tile for your modern home, we recommend you to have absolute clarity about your preferred style. We would also suggest you dig deeper and read about each floor tile design. So, get going and add a personal style to your modern home with these floor tiles.

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