Flooring – The Pin That Holds The Interior Design Together


Luxury Flooring

When you walk into a room in someone’s home, what is the first thing that you notice. Is it the open space, the choice of furniture, the distinctive accessories or the choice of wall décor.

With the one of the rules of effective interior design being to catch people’s attention and dazzle them the second they walk through the door. This means that the focus of the design will more often than not go on areas which gain the most attention, such as walls, fireplaces or furniture configurations.

However despite this there is one element to a successful room design which often gets overlooked, the floor.

This makes some sense as the floor is not the first thing you think of when it comes to impressing guests and visitors, more it is something for the family and homeowners to appreciate.

Luxury Flooring

Yet despite being overlooked, the floor holds an almost essential role in your interior design acting as the pin that holds the design together.

This is because the floor must work seamlessly with every other element of your interior design, maintaining the chemistry and flow of your design, even when it often goes unnoticed.

An example to compare this to would be being the bassist in a band. An odd reference however it is the responsibility of the bassist to act as the go between of the guitar and the drums. Without the bassist the sound may become clunky and ill-timed ruining the chemistry of the group and the song.

Relating this back to the home, the floor acts as the go between the walls and the furniture making these 2 elements come together and maintaining the chemistry in the room.

For example, say you have a floral effect wallpaper design, which you wish to pair with a sleek leather sofa and accompanying coffee table. The choice of floor you decide upon could make or break this combination, as the floor must balance these elements having none stand above the other to create a seamless and impactful design.

Luxury Flooring in Living Room

This is why the choice of flooring in your room is critical as not only must you balance comfort and durability but must also make sure that the flooring will work well in bringing together all of your design ideas.

The choices here are wide and varied as many different factors come into play such as colour, texture and flooring type.

Do you go for red carpets or white tiles, which would work best with your choice of furniture and wallpaper – another factor to consider is how they will work in the future.

Anticipating where your design will go in the future is one of the biggest skills any interior design can have, as they are able to save money on expensive home features knowing they offer the flexibility to work well with future design ideas.

Relating this back to flooring, one type of flooring that is excellent in bringing together a room design as well-being amazingly future proof is quick step laminate flooring. This is because the very nature of this type of home flooring allows for a wide range of styles and wood grain designs, in multiple colours. This all but guarantees you will find a style which will blend well with your choice of design.

Choosing the right floor for your design will allow you to evolve your home design over the years, with your floor adapting to your new changes seamlessly, remaining the pin that holds the room design together.


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