Flyscreen Doors Provide Healthy Environment at Home

On January 24, 2015 by Melissa Hamler


With the entire environment being affected by pollution, people cannot enjoy the pleasant weather outside because there are disease-breeding flies and insects, which can dampen their moods instantly and bring a host of diseases to plague people indoors. Do you think that there is no solution to this problem? Well, there is actually a solution to this problem and that is you can have flyscreen doors and windows which help you to enjoy the weather by trapping mosquitoes, insects, bees and many other harmful and poisonous insects. You may have a timber or an aluminium door but there are advanced fly-screens that fit in everywhere and suit all your needs. And if you want to know how it does that then you should be aware of the different characteristic features of these doors. Then let’s have a look at the feature of these doors, and also see how they are available in the market.

There are numerous kinds and types of flyscreen doors and they all have features that help you in getting rid of unwanted pests and insects which can cause definite harm to your health and wealth. Now let’s have a look at the features and the kinds of the flyscreen doors:

Aluminum and Fiberglass Screen

Aluminum and Fiberglass Screen

A fiberglass flyscreen door is made up of well woven fiber glass and is well coated with PVC which has many utilities. Some of these are waterproof, rust proof, non-combustible, stain resilient and simple to clean. If you live in a coastal area or if you are living somewhere near the bush fire area then you should use the aluminium mesh on your doors and this will prevent flies and other insects to enter in your room.

Clear View Mesh

Fibreglass Mesh

There are certain meshes that provide you with the clear view of the outside area and this clear visibility of these flyscreens make them popular among the people and make them easily available in the online stores at reasonable rates. These kinds of screens also come with self-closing hinges and these are there in the mesh to ensure that the network closes every time and traps those pests in it which can spoil your entertainment and your pleasant environment. The specialties of the hinges are that they can get fit in the left and the right side of the screen.

Screens for Indoors and Outdoors

Screens for Indoors and Outdoors

You may have screens for indoors and these are really very popular, but there are not many screens for the outdoors. Pleated screens have become one of the major popular fly-screen doors which you can use both for the indoor and the outdoor, so you can be in your own living room or in your external courtyard, insects and bees will not disturb you much. They are designed in such a way that they have very large opening and in places like Australia, where pests like mossie are a dread for the people there these kinds of mesh can be of great help to you. These types of screens are very light weight and so you can easily operate these and the best part is that you can place these in such places where placing a mesh, previously, was a difficulty. These kinds of doors are also known as the bi-fold and the stacker doors.

Easily Available

Easily Available Flyscreens by Clearshield.Net.Au

If you are interested to have the flyscreen in your house then you can easily get them from the online stores along with a kit which will allow you to cut the screen in such a way that it fits the doors and windows. For better results you can select from a wide array of screen designs and search a bit about their exact utility, depending on the size of your door and windows.

Above mentioned details will help you to understand the features and the kinds of the flyscreen doors.

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