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Professional Movers

Moving sucks. From arranging what to move to ensure you don’t break your stuff—moving can be messy. However, hiring a reputable mover can remove the hassle from your side. Of course, you can do it yourself. But, the hassle involved can be exhausting and tiring. And that’s where a professional mover comes in. With a professional moving service, you have a partner who understands the ins and outs of moving. However, there are many companies out there. So, getting a quality one can be tricky. Luckily, the guide below contains the tips you need to find a cheap professional mover.

Moving Date Flexibility

Choose a mover who is flexible in terms of time. The mover should be flexible and respond promptly whenever contacted—especially if you are a busy person, and time isn’t on your side. Find a mover who is ready to move you during weekends as opposed to weekdays.


In most cases, movers charge clients on a per hour basis. Normally, you can get charged something around $30 per hour. So, ensure you get a mover who charges around this rate. Plus, you can negotiate with the mover company and get a better deal. It’s also important to have information such as the number of rooms, the distance, and the number of people to be moved. Your mover will ask you these questions. You will pay for the travel time. So, ask the mover about all charges—including fuel recharge fees and other extra costs.

Payment Method

Ask the mover about the payment method Wikipedia. Most movers prefer cash. However, others will accept credit cards as well as personal checks besides cash. So, be sure to ask your mover about the payment method they accept.


Deposits are common with most movers. However, other movers will not ask you for a deposit. If a mover asks you to deposit a certain amount of money, be sure to read the cancellation policy. Ascertain whether you will be charged for canceling your move.

Truck Size

It’s essential to ask the mover regarding the type of trucks they will use. Hire a mover with large trucks. This ensures that all your belongings are going to fit into the truck. Remember, hiring a mover with a small truck size will make things slow—which will cost you. Remember, you are going to pay on a per hour basis. So, the more hours your mover takes, the more you pay.

It’s also important to note that you will be charged for unpacking your belongings. However, if you don’t want to pay this fee, consider packing and unpacking by yourself. Alternatively, you can ask friends to help you out. Also, do it before the mover arrives. This will reduce the time the mover spends—helping reduce the overall cost.

Get Free Boxes

Get free boxes. Go to liquor stores or recycling dumpsters—these are some of the best places to find free boxes. Go to social media. Ask for free boxes. People who have recently moved will willingly give you free boxes to use. Alternatively, you can purchase boxes via stores such as Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot.


Of course, you can decide to go for bubble wrap. However, this move is expensive. So, if you want to save money, consider picking some newspapers from your local paper supplier. Things like breakables will hugely benefit from old newspapers.

Get Recommendations

When it comes to finding a cheap, professional mover, nothing takes center stage quite like reliability. So, if you want a reliable mover, ask friends. Ask recommendations from coworkers—the importance of getting recommendations from family members. Avoid scams by physically looking for a moving company in your area.

Screen, Screen, and Screen

After getting recommendations, screen all the movers. Go online. Conduct a quick background check. Go through the website. Get their contact address. Call the company directly. Visit the Better Business Bureau. Email them and see if they respond. Ensure the company is a member of a reputable organization. Is the mover a member of AMSA? These are some of the things you should look for as far as screening the moving company.

Getting An Estimate

Don’t settle with one company. Have at least three companies. Let them come and conduct estimates. Compare the three companies. Settle for a company with the best estimate. Also, ensure that the company you choose offers flexible terms.

Show Everything

When the mover’s representatives come to your house, be sure to show them everything. Don’t hide anything. Let them inspect the closet, backyard, and even the attic. With this strategy, you eliminate unnecessary delays and extra fees. Also, the estimator should know the condition of that new home of yours. Things like the stairs and elevators can complicate things. So, be sure to let the estimator know everything concerning your home.

Review The Estimate

Let the estimator give you an estimate. The estimate should be in writing and must spell out everything you own. Remember, the estimate will be used when billing. So, be sure everything is accurate. Inquire whether the estimate includes packing and unpacking.

Keep the Estimate

After getting the estimate document, store it using a brightly-colored folder. Please put it in place you won’t forget.

Compare Bids

Be cautious with a company that gives very low bids. Remember, cheap can be expensive. Go through the bids. Do they contain any extra charge? If so, call the company and ask for clarification. Also, negotiate until you get a fair price.

Other Tips

Other tips include:

  • Checking the authenticity of the company
  • Ensuring that the company is licensed
  • Getting an inventory copy from your mover during the moving day

The Bottom-Line

Changing your place of residence is not an easy thing. From unpacking to packing your belonging—the process can be a real hassle. However, you don’t have to do it by yourself. Hire a professional mover and beat the trouble. Also, ensure you get a reliable and cheap mover like Great Guys Moving. Follow the above tips and land an affordable, professional mover. Happy moving.

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