Four Tips To Organize Your Cleaning Closet


Keeping your home maintained and clean is hard enough a job alone. However, when you can’t find what you need or have to battle for thirty minutes to dig out the cleaning supplies that you need it only does the job that much harder. You probably don’t treat your bedroom closet in this manner, and you shouldn’t manage your cleaning closet in this manner either. Getting organized will only make your job easier overall, and in the end, you will be glad that you took the time to get organized. Below, you will find some tips and information that will help you whip that cluttered broom closet into shape. 

Organize Those Cleaning Rags

Organize Cleaning Rags
Rags are without a doubt one of the most utilized items when it comes to cleaning. You will virtually use these rags to wipe and clean almost every surface in the home. Having quick and unfettered access to these rags will be essential to making your job much more comfortable. Just hang a bag someone convenient in the storage closet and throw in your cleaning rags. This way you will also know where they are, and you don’t even have to worry about folding them after you launder them. 

The Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner
A vacuum cleaner is also a tool that you will be utilizing on a frequent basis. The only problem is those vacuum cleaners are usually bulky, and you probably find the hose always getting in the way. Well, one way to combat this is by storing the vacuum cleaner in the front of the area somewhere, so you don’t have to worry about dragging it in and out of the area.

Also, hanging the hose above the vacuum cleaner will add a little more storage space while preventing you from tripping over it. Just remember that if you hire a quality cleaning company like maid service Manhattan organizing your cleaning close is something that you will never have to worry. These professionals will show up with their tools and efficiently tackle your home. 

Take Advantage Of A Storage Caddy 

Storage Caddy 
You are going to need a variety of different cleaning chemicals to tackle different areas of the home. You need a surface cleaner for the countertops, you need a filter for the toilet, you might need a tile cleaner, and you might even need granite cleaner. This list could go on and on, which makes storing and access these items harder than ever. However, you can tackle this issue by investing in a storage caddy that will quickly set on a shelf someone in the closet. Make sure you place the cleaners that you frequently use in the storage caddy, so you will have them loaded and ready to go. 

Mount Your Mops And Brooms

Mops and brooms are also bulky items that can take up an extreme amount of floor space. Directly mounting these long-handled items on the back of the door will save you an incredible amount of space and make the things even more accessible to access. Your quality maids from cleaning service Manhattan won’t have a problem accessing these items quickly when they need them, and they will thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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