Four Veggies For The Kitchen Garden


Kitchen Garden

Cultivating a kitchen garden allows you to get some cheaper vegetables, but moreover, you get to have fresh veggies, which are healthy produce for your diet.

If planning to grow veggies be your terrace or on the balcony, here are some easy to grow vegetables and herbs in your garden:

Herbs Kitchen Garden


Slit open the green chilies and sprinkle the seeds in a pot filled with soil. Ensure seeds don’t settle in deep. Add a thin layer of soil on seeds along with water. Chilies seeds take a week to ten days to sprout.

Mini Herb Garden


This is a pungent yellow spice, which is easy to grow at home. Turmeric requires a hot and humid climate for growth and place in a place that has maximum sunlight. The pink flowers which grow on the turmeric plant add aesthetic value to the kitchen.

Indoor Herb Garden


These are hassle-free herb to grow; mint is ideal for the kitchen garden. It requires a small space. Plant the leaves in it. It can be a bottling plant also. Along with the Mint others, herbs such as cilantro and basil can also be grown together. Use these herbs to flavor your cuisine.

Kitchen Garden Ideas


Spinach needs to have cooler weather. Planting them in the winter months is best. Sow the spinach seeds in one and half an inch deep in the soil.

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