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Frame Hanging StylesDecorating can seem a little daunting; you don’t really know how to change the look of your home, while staying on a budget. A simple fix can be something that most people overlook: the frames of your home.

You don’t have to just hang up pictures of your family members or friends (or your family pet—I’m guilty of this!), but you can always hang up fine art prints for your home as well! Think of all the amazing new themes you can create for your living room or bathroom, with a simple art painting.

There are many unique looks to spice up the atmosphere of your home, and I have a couple of unique ideas to share with you to get you started.  Not only are these easy ideas, but they’re fashionable, and different.

Hanging Styles

A different way to hang your frame is to use a chain and give it a dangling look. Use an old rustic doorknob for a vintage touch, and use a black classic chain to hang your frame from (you can find these chains at any home improvement store for a reasonable price).

Another quick and cute way to display your frames could be by simply placing them on floating shelves. Hang your shelves sporadically for a fun look, and keep the colors simple. Mix and match different frames for a casual look, as well as interchanging frames with plants or books for an overall “homey” feel.

A cute and simple styling accessory to include when hanging your frames could be an old window shutter. Paint the window shutter the color of your choice, and dial the color back by rubbing it down with sand paper: this will give it a rustic look. Hang your photos on the shutter, and voila: instant room change.

Different Framed Ideas

Different Framed Ideas

Instead of hanging your usual pictures, you can always think of unique and new things to hang as well, that look pretty awesome, and can complete the look of your house or room.

Hang flowers within a frame—this could be a flower with meaning (your child gave you this flower, your significant other, etc.) or, it could just be one of your favorites. Press multiple flowers together within a frame for a complete collage.

Hanging Up Old Cameras within the Frame

Place an empty frame on the wall (just the boarder) and pin an item within the frame. This is a newly defined look, and can look pretty cool within a certain theme in your house. An example could be hanging up old or broken cameras within the frame, and placing it in an office room.

You could also hang push pins within an empty frame, and hang your necklaces and jewelry for an artistic take at organizing.

These are just a couple examples of new things you can do for your space, and they are actually quite simple! I hope I was able to spark some creativity within you to think of some more fantastic creations. Happy decorating!

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