French Interior Design Theme


French Interiors

French interior design is trendy around the globe thanks to their familiar signature decor elements like large French doors and windows. But these large doors and windows instead serve as an added effect to the French-themed interiors. The large openings offer natural sunlight to enter the interiors and mild saturated, yet milky whitish bright color pallets bounce the lights across the whole room. The result is a soft natural light ambiance achieved by playing with lights and shadows.

French Style Monochrome Home

The decorative furniture also plays an integral part as classic sofa sets, shelves, and some antique décor gives interiors an essence of simplicity. French art is often considered a timeless beauty.

French Interior Design Living Room With Sofa Mirror Wall Chandelier
Large Classic Bedroom Design With Big French Doors
French Windows With Blue Velvet Chairs
French Living Room with Colorful Green Wall
French Bedroom With Chandlier
Classic French Style Bedroom Design with Fireplace
French Interior Design


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