Frequently Used Pest Control Treatments


Pest Control

Pests are any animals or insects that are detrimental to the health of your home, business, crops, etc. Pest control Western Sydney includes lethal and non-lethal (contain) measures. Non-lethal, corrective pest control treatments often take more time to be effective; however, there are many benefits to using non-lethal pest control solutions.

Pests can cause extensive damage to homes if not effectively treated with pest control services. With so many different options available for eliminating pests, it can get confusing for you to choose the right treatment for your home.

Several Common Pest Control Treatments Include:

  • Bait boxes can decrease rodent populations by placing them in areas where rodents travel frequently. These bait boxes are made from plastic that is not edible and is designed to slowly release poison into the system of mice or rats that eat it over time. Once this poison begins to take effect, the rodents will be weak enough for larger predators such as coyotes, raccoons, cats, owls, or hawks – depending on what type of animal eats rodents typically – to catch them.
  • Electronic repellers emit an ultrasonic sound to repel animals like bats, rabbits, foxes, and skunks away from your property. Although they do not repeal the pests, they can be effective in keeping them from returning to your property if their original entryway is sealed up correctly.
  • Glue boards are used to catch specific types of insects like roaches and spiders instead of rodents such as mice and rats. These adhesive traps adhere to any surface and catch the bugs without using toxins or poisons, making them a popular choice among homeowners because there is no danger of accidentally poisoning children or pets.
  • Industrial grade glue boards are made with even stronger adhesives than household glue boards and come pre-baited, so you will not need to purchase an additional supply of food bait. Industrial grade glue boards should only be used by professionals that have been trained to use them.
  • Bait gels are a newer pest control treatment used in Australia that effectively catches mice and rats. Bait gel can be applied to trees, plants, or any other surface where pests are frequent. Baits should only be used by people who have been adequately trained to apply them because they may cause serious health issues if ingested by humans or animals.
  • Harmful chemical sprays can also be used to repel pests that are causing you problems. These sprays are often applied directly on the animal because they are designed to seep into its body through fur, feathers, or other protective barriers – depending on what type of pest is being targeted. When sprayed correctly, these chemicals should not harm humans, pets, or livestock that come into contact with them because they will dry quickly and wash away without lasting effects.

When using these common pest control treatments in Sydney, it is essential to be aware that many types of pests can become resistant to poisons if they are overused repeatedly in the same area. The best choice is to use a pest control company that understands what options are most effective in your area and can successfully eliminate pests without harming the environment.

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