Fresh And Posh: Show Off Your Cigar Collection In Your Living Room


Custom Built-in Cigar Humidor

To have a cigar room in your ownership is to be the highest form of high class. It’s not a place many people visit in their lives. Cigar rooms convey an air of affluence, of better things, and of old times. In a cigar room, time moves slower, and your body can relax with each puff of smoke you inhale. As you lie back on a plush red chair, you may look around your cigar room and say to yourself, “What else is missing here?”

It’s not enough to decorate your cigar room; you must also furnish the items that will interact with the cigars you own. If you read that and thought of applying lipsticks to your guests’ lips and you, then that’s quite an imagination you have. But the items we suggest are things that would be in any cigar room. If you’re interested, continue reading and decide which of these items you can afford to splurge on.

  1. Choose A Reliable Cabinet Humidor

Reliable Cabinet Humidor

If there’s any item in this list you are most open to splurging on, let it be a cabinet humidor. A cabinet humidor’s primary purpose is to protect your cigars from damage by humidity, dust, and temperature changes. Cigars are prone to humidity damage as the tobacco leaves inside and the wrapping paper outside attract moisture. If a cigar is too moist, around 70% or higher humidity, the leaves swell and cannot burn evenly or at all.

Choosing a reliable humidor can protect your cigar collection from humidity damage. The right humidor must have a cooling system to regulate the temperature inside and a hygrometer to measure the humidity inside and outside the cabinet. These two aspects will help you monitor your cigars and keep them safe until you wish to use them.

  1. Select Ashtrays That Catch The Eye

Stained Glass Ashtray

Where there is a cigar or cigarette, this is an ashtray. These two pieces do not often come together, but to smoke a cigar with nothing available to catch the ash is to dirty yourself and the furniture you rely on. When you select a set of ashtrays for your cigar room, choose one that reflects the characteristics of your favorite cigar. For a cigar, there is no other honor than having an ashtray dedicated to it. Stained glass is a popular type of ashtray that comes in many colors.

  1. The Right Cigar Cutter Means You’ve Made It

Right Cigar Cutter

You can’t smoke a cigar without a cigar cutter to prepare it. When you buy your first cigar cutter, purchase one that fits ideally in the palm of your hand. It must have a good grip and not be so stiff to prevent those with smaller hands from using it. Don’t disregard grip strength. The blade must be sharp, and when it has cut a cigar, the handles must spring away from each other.

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