From Basement To Living Space: More Preparation Tips You Need To Know


Space is at a premium, so wanting to make better use of the space you have is a good thing. After being underutilized for so long, many homeowners now turn to their garages or basement when trying to find more space. The latter is usually the best option for a living area.

You want to approach your basement remodeling project with care. There are several important things to complete before you can start adding furniture and accessories, such as preparing the space for its purpose. These must-know preparation tips will get you started right away.

Keep The Layout

Basement Design

One of the ways to keep the basement remodeling project manageable is to stick with the original layout. While it may be tempting to add new walls or partitions to a space, leaving the space as it lets you have more room – and budget – to turn the space around.

Rather than adding walls or changing the layout entirely, be smart with the way you design the interior. You can still divide the space without adding physical walls to the basement.

Add A Bathroom

Basement Domestic Steam Room

While you are working on the layout of the space, consider adding a bathroom for convenience. Having to go upstairs whenever you need the bathroom is indeed not the way to go.

There are more bathroom designs to draw inspiration from when you have a relatively limited space to work are. You also have plumbing and wiring to think about; try to position (and design) the bathroom so that the plumbing and wiring are easy to handle.

Don’t Forget The Insulation

Basement Insulation

Adding insulation is the next thing to do, especially since the basement doesn’t always get direct sunlight. You want to insulate the walls as well as the ground, and you want to anticipate low temperatures and increased dampness.

Rigid insulation is usually a good option to look into. You can minimize the need for excessive support structures for the insulation, plus you can keep the walls thin – and the space big – with this type of insulation.

Do One Last Check

Basement Wallpaper

Now that you have a space that you can decorate with a good layout and the right functions, it is time to do one last inspection. Make sure there are no hidden issues with the basement BEFORE you do anything further with it.

Not spotting potential issues early can be costly. You may come across problems like the new wallpaper not sticking correctly to the damp walls. Not adding sufficient, high-quality egress windows or ventilation system is a bad idea, too; you want to avoid these issues.

Fire Away!

Lastly, develop a clear plan for the interior of the basement. Having a bright interior design to work with allows you to maximize the space. You can even find ways to boost the utilization of your basement further, such as by using foldable furniture or concealed storage.

The basement can turn into a comfortable, functional space nonetheless. You have to plan and prepare for the remodeling project better. Use the tips and tricks we covered in this article to help you get started with your remodeling as quickly as possible.

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  1. I would like to have my basement remodeled, and make it more modern, which is why I’ve decided to start looking for a contractor. Thank you for sharing here that the space must be functional enough. I also agree with you that it will be a great idea to add a physical wall too.


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