From The Design To Printing Phase: Stickers And Decals Explained


Printing stickers and decals can be a fun thing to do because you can customize anything with them. Unlike normal printing, printing stickers and decals require a special decal printer. However, having that special printer only is what you need because there are many other things you need to know.

Especially if you are looking to take it as your printing business, you must follow all the details. So, to make things easier for you, we will be sharing our guide to printing decals and stickers with all the details.

An Insight Into Designing Phase And How To Do It Carefully:

So, the first part of the process is about designing the stickers and decals. You cannot always take some pictures that are available online and print them.

It is better to have some hands-on practice on graphics designing tools like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Once you have it, below are the few important things you need to be careful about.


Impresion Fine Art

The first thing you need to be careful about is the color. Selecting the right color is highly important for the designing phase because it can change how the final product looks. Colors can also play with emotions and communicate messages. So, make sure that your color selection sense is good according to the design you are working on.


The next thing that has vital importance in designing is the size. It is not about the physical size, but the resolution of photos is what matters a lot here. Higher resolution means that the details will be clearer, and there will be less pixelation in images.

So, ensure that you are paying enough attention to the resolution. On average, it is good to keep at least 300DPI or higher resolutions for the best image quality.

The Complete Printing Process Part To Get The Best Output

Now that you are done with the designing part, let us move towards the printing part. This may seem more of an automated part because you only need to activate the printing process, and everything else will be done automatically.

However, the little aspects that you need to be careful about in this section are even more important for how your final product will turn out.

Sticker Material

The first thing that you need to be careful about when putting in a decal printer is the material of the sticker. It goes according to the usage factors and cost factors. While glossy sticker paper seems to be the right material, the vinyl sticker will be a better choice in terms of quality and reliability.

Printing Type For Decal Printer

Next up is the printing type. As sticker and decal printing is not similar to traditional paper printing, there are different printing options here. Some of those are:

  • High-end digital printing
  • Large format printing
  • Flexographic printing
  • Hot-stamped printing

Each of these printing types focuses on what quantity and quality you need. So, make sure to select the printing type and decal printer according to your requirements.

3D Printing

Final Remarks:

When you are going to work on a decal printer, you need to be careful about different things. These usually include the factors that will enhance the final product. So, if you were also looking for a guide to start sticker and decal printing, we hope that you know all the important things now. Feel free to ask any questions and leave your queries in the comments section.

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