From Trash To Treasure – Revitalising Your Home’s Exteriors


Foundation Plantings

Our homes are our babies, but is the look of your home one that only a mother could love? Life is a rat race of trying to do it all, be everywhere, and find some time to get some shut-eye. Things can easily be pushed to the side. However, knowing that a miraculous couple of hours won’t be free every week, we need to create time and invest in our home’s exterior to make it a place we want to spend time in and stay competitive in the property market.

Fresh Doors

Fresh Doors

It all starts with the doors. It’s what potential buyers look at when they slow down to have a sticky beak, and it’s what your guests stand in front of before you let them in. Now, this doesn’t extend to only the front door but also garage door installation. Forget what you know about front and garage doors because they are an opportunity to add a splash of color and give your front facade an edge. If your home color palette is neutral tones, add a bold red for your doors to mix it up. If you want to take it a step further, opt for a gloss finish on your doors – this will instantly take you from trash to treasure.

You’ve Got Mail

Design And Revitalisation

The humble mailbox rarely gets a look in when it comes to matters of design and revitalization. But your home number and mailbox should be a proud fixture of your exterior, and their presence should be a high priority. What will guests think when they roll up to your home and find the nine hanging by a thread from a rusty mailbox? Well, let me tell you – they will keep on driving! Tell your neighbors you are a prominent home in the street, and don’t let anyone confuse which home is yours.

Trim And Tidy

Trim And Tidy Garden

Yes, we have all made excuses for our gardens at one point or another. It just keeps growing. Whether you have had a busy month or not – the maintenance can be unrelenting. But no one says you must have a lawn worthy of a Vogue Home. Design a garden that works for you, and choose hearty plants that don’t need a lot of love. A common misconception is that a front garden needs flowers – wrong. Flowers are high maintenance and only bloom for part of the year. Fill your garden with trees, hedges, and shrubs – they will never go out of style, stick around all year, and forgive you if you miss a trim here and there.

Start At The Top

The Roof Of Your Home

The roof of your home ties everything together. It’s your line of defense against the elements and an opportunity to make your home look taken care of and structurally sound. If you feel your front home facade needs something bolder, look to see what different roofs you can install, paying special attention to the color and the material. If your home sits under a few trees, choose a roof that will handle the shedding leaves and choose a color that won’t make the leaves stand out and appear more untidy than they are.

Making adjustments inside is so much easier than the front facade. But what you tweak out the front can always be changed and optimized, so don’t be put off by the finality of it all! The doors, mailbox, garden, and roof are a great place to start and will add immediate value if you make the right changes.

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Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah is a person who loves checking out different styles and designs of houses. She took interior designing in college and is practicing in the field of home improvement for five years now. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating home designs.


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