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On August 24, 2015 by Edwin Smith

The table game of Billiards dates back as far as the 1400’s in France and it took until 1800’s for it to evolve in to the game we know it as today. A few of the landmark inventions that helped develop the game were the Cue Stick, the Slate, and the materials used in making the rebound cushion and the Balls.

Originally the balls were not struck but pushed with a tong shaped piece of wood called a Mace. The modern cue did not come into use until the early 1800’s. The length of the Tables back then was much longer, over 20ft. It seems modern size Tables only date back to the late 1800’s.

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The evolution with the balls was also slow in coming. At first they were made from clay or wood, only the wealthy used balls made of Ivory. It wasn’t until 1868 that John W. Hyatt developed a suitable substitute for Ivory with Celluloid. The covering material for the Table is often call felt but it is actually very tight knit Wool. The Numbers and Colors on the Balls, as well as the size, have varied greatly throughout the game’s history. There has always been, and still are, many different Games played on the Billiards Table.

Snooker the is most popular in the Great Britain and her Commonwealth’s. In America and Canada, Pool is the Game of choice, although Snooker has moderate popularity. Around the World in most every Country, Billiards, in one form or another can be found. It is hard to find a Pub or a Bar that doesn’t have a Billiard or Pool Table. Most City’s and Town’s also have Pool Halls or Recreation Halls with professional Tables that measure 9 ft. by 4 ½ ft.

Snooker TableAlthough there are many different Games that can be played on the Table with varying rules for each, the most popular ones are Eight Ball, Nine Ball and, Straight Pool. For three players the Game of Cut Throat is most popular. For competition play on the professional level at tournaments, the World Professionally Billiards and Snooker Association is the governing body. There are many Retailers that carry Pool and Billiards Tables and, the associated equipment and, many different manufacturers. What is a little harder to find is, Dealers who specialize in this area.

For anyone looking to buy their own home Pool Table there is much to consider and it is very much recommended to seek a professional in determining what equipment is best. The quality of the Table will be the determining factor of the price and they can be quite expensive for top of line Brands. Even the Pool Cue Stick can be ornate and a work of art in and of their-self, made from wood to high tech carbon fiber composites. Less expensive equipment is also available without sacrificing performance. Having your own Pool Table can be a fun and exciting room in the home with all the neighbors coming to your home for the excitement. To learn more about the opportunities available visit

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