Furniture Care & Protection Tips While Going on Long Vacations

On April 2, 2013 by Mamta

When we travel we all are concerned about our homes especially about its protection. One may be concerned about any kind of break in that may happen and also we may be worried for a fire danger or even a flooding that can happen.

Family Leaving on Summer Vacation

Here are a few tips that can help us protect our homes when we are away from home for a long period of time:

We can always ask our neighbours to pick our mails and also newspapers which are left behind at the door. Or other option is that we can discontinue these services till the time we are out. If we plan to be away for a longer duration then we can make arrangement for our lawns to be mowed which gives an impression to people that there is someone at home.

Top 7 Tips for Keeping Your Home SafeIt is always a good idea to ask the neighbours to keep turning on and off the lights and also leave them on a timer. We can also ask them to even open or close the drapes so that it gives an impression that there is someone residing in the house.

We can also employ a house sitter who is trustworthy in case if we will be away for a long time. It is important to make sure that we don’t leave any kind of message on the answering machine saying that we are not home. It is not a good idea to make all the people around aware that we will be away for a long duration. We should make sure that all the appliances are unplugged and even the lights are turned off. All the doors should be locked and the windows should also be secured by the locks. All the fans in the house should be switched off. All the electronic appliances like the iron or even the coffee pot should be turned off. The gas knob should also be turned off in order to avoid the danger of gas leak.

All the furniture in the house should also be covered by a cloth as there is a possibility of dust getting accumulated on it which will spoil it and also make the furniture spoil. It is also a good idea to have a sound home security system too.

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