Ganpati Decoration Ideas 2021


Lord Ganesha Festival Decoration Ideas on Ganesh Chaturthi

We are heading towards the Ganpati festival of 2021. However, for the last two years, many festivals and special events have been influenced negatively by the coronavirus pandemic. Below are some fantastic ideas that people can use even in 2021 for decorating their Ganpati setups.

Welcoming Lord Ganesh

How To Make Ganpati Decoration Of 2021 Different From The Previous Year?

Ganpati Decoration Of 2021

Ganpati festival is a festival of joy and immense happiness all over India. Tourists from all over the world visit India to see the beauty and excitement of this festival. Every year, huge public Ganpati ideals are placed in different local places so that everyone can take the blessings of their beloved god Ganpati Bappa.

However, this complete scenario has changed for the past two years. Public establishments of Ganpati idols were banned in the year 2020 because of the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The adverse effects of this pandemic will prevail all over the world this year as well. Tourism is closed, and public Ganpati establishments are not sure to get permission this year as well. For the same reason, house Ganpatis and its decorations have gained immense importance. Decorating your Ganpati idols in the best possible way needs a lot of ideas and easily available materials, which is the main target of all the Indian people right now.

Following are some materials of decoration that can be used in the Ganpati festival to make your celebration short and sweet in its best possible way-

  1. Sparkle Lights:

Sparkle Lights

Sparkling lights of different colors can be used to decorate the seat and setup of Ganpati. These are the most important elements of the Ganpati festival and are found worldwide in many different styles.

  1. Colorful Flowers:

Floral Decoration

Colorful flowers, both real and artificial, are usually used in Ganpati decorations. Even this year, this decoration material can be used exclusively. These flowers are available wholesale in the market and even in the corona period; these can be used to decorate the Ganpati setup.

  1. Dupattas & Drapes:

Dupattas or drapes can also be used as a decorating material for the Ganpati setup. These can be designed in unique ways and can be set up perfectly around the Ganpati idol of your house. Both the drapes and dupattas look very creative and produce a great impact on the Ganpati decoration as well.

  1. Decoration Of Paper Flowers:

To decorate the Ganpati idol setup, you can also use paper flowers instead of real flowers. These are just like artificial flowers that are made of plastic and look very impressive around the Ganpati idol.

  1. Creative & Classy Hand Fans:

Creative and classy hand fans can be used to make a cool impression of the Ganpati decoration without letting the real warmth of the same be lost.

  1. Artificial As Well As Real Puja Accessories:

Ganpati festival includes Ganpati puja at least twice a day. This puja is done with special accessories or articles that are usually available in plenty of the market. However, due to the pandemic period, artificial puja accessories can also be used along with the real ones.

All the above materials are perfect to be used in different Ganpati decorations to make them look classy. Also, these are easily available materials even in the lockdown period, and the rates of the same are also very limited. Therefore, these materials can be used by everyone according to their creativity to make their Ganpati decorations unique.

Following are the Eco-friendly Ganpati Decoration ideas:

  • Coconut Decorations:

Coconuts are organized as half-cut all over the Ganpati setup. From the above, this organization gives a view of the fall ceiling, while it gives a feeling of a beautiful carpet from the bottom. For this Ganpati decoration, plenty of coconuts are required. However, they are easily available in the market.

  • Flower Decoration:

Flowers are spread all over the Ganpati set up in different styles and patterns. These decorations are organized in such a way that they don’t get disturbed until the completion of 10 days of the Ganpati festival. These flowers are preferred to be bought artificial rather than natural.

  • Ganpati Decorations Using Plants:

Plant Ganpati Decorations

Image Courtesy: Ashwini Amit Manjure

Plant Ganpati decorations are the modern methods to make people realize the importance of trees and nature in our life. Plant decorations don’t take too much effort from the people’s side and look very innovative and out of the box.

  • Bottled Ganpati Decoration:

Used and ready-to-be-thrown bottles can be used to decorate the set up of the Ganpati festival. This looks very creative and is the best example of best from waste.

  • Rangoli Ganpati Decorations:

Rangoli Ganpati decorations are the easiest to achieve decoration. These decorations can be availed of by everyone who knows how to make innovative Ganpati rangoli designs. If you are good at making rangoli designs, you can use this skill at the entrance of the mandap. Beautiful rangoli design can compel more people to come to worship Bappa.

  • Ganpati Decorations Using Mount & Cardboard:

Mount and cardboard Ganpati decorations have also attracted the attention of a large number of people, especially in the past year. If you bring a small Ganpati idol to your house, then you can surely use this method without putting extra weight on the boards at all.

  • Ganpati Decorations Using Hard-Paper Boat:

A small hard-paper boat is made, and the Ganpati idol is placed in it. The surroundings of this paper boat are just like a beach or a sea. This looks very creative and gets adjusted very easily, even in small places.

All the above Ganpati decoration ideas are realistic and give a sense of awareness to the people. Also, these ideas don’t harm nature and instead helps to bring about something amazing from the most unexpected things. In this crucial period of COVID-19 and lockdown, pleasing your Ganpatis with these decoration ideas will be very positive and supportive.

Final Words

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganpati decorations have a lot of specialties in them. The association of a lot of materials in its decoration makes it much more attractive. Also, various competitions are held to display the beauty of people’s Ganpati idols and the ideas that they have done to make them look creative. However, decorating something does not always mean that you should use only expensive items for it. In short, Ganpati decorations are the best examples of best from waste.

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