Garage Maintenance 101: How To Maintain Your Garage Doors


Garage Maintenance

Your garage door is experiencing a lot of wear and tear. Molded and clad garage doors are designed to operate trouble-free for 20-30 years and remain beautiful. However, regular maintenance is required to keep those doors working to that lifespan.

Regularly maintained garage doors can add resale value to your home. Keep reading to learn what regular garage maintenance is and how to perform it.

  1. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is critical to maintaining your garage door. This should include a thorough inspection at least twice a year. Check screws, bolts, and hinges for signs of corrosion.

Loose or damaged parts should be fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Wipe down the door with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris.

Clean the rails, rollers, and track using a dry cloth. Apply lubricant to the areas where the material rubs against the door frame.

  1. Lubrication For Garage Maintenance

Lubrication is a critical factor in maintaining an efficient and safe garage door. It is essential to remove any dirt and debris from the tracks, springs, hinges, bearings, and rollers of the garage door before lubrication, or else dirt can be trapped and interfere with the system’s proper function.

Penetrating oil can spray the hinges, roller, axles, and cables, which will help to reduce friction and help with noise reduction when the garage door is operated.

You should perform spring lubrication annually. This will decrease the potential of spring breakage and keep the system running smoother and more efficiently. Inspecting the hardware and lubrication regularly will extend the garage door’s life and help prevent unexpected breakdowns.

  1. Tighten Hardware

Garage door hardware consists of bolts, nuts, screws, and springs to keep the door moving smoothly and securely. Loose or corroded hardware can cause the garage door to be out of balance and not work correctly.

A simple task such as tightening these hardware pieces periodically can often prevent costly repairs and breakdowns in the future. In addition to tightening hardware, an experienced technician should inspect and repair any worn or broken components.

Check these garage door repair services here if you ever need help.

  1. Check Balancing

This involves performing seasonal inspections to check the balance of the door. An unbalanced door can cause a rough opening and closing, stress the springs, and put unnecessary pressure on the system.

To check the balance, first, close the garage door manually. Raise and lower it slowly to inspect for any abnormalities.

If the door does not stay in the same position, there is likely an imbalance. This can be caused by garage door components such as wheels and springs.

  1. Garage Maintenance Is Imperative

Garage Door

Garage maintenance is a must. Regularly check the door opener and cables to ensure they are in good shape. Periodically lubricate the rollers, springs, and hinges to prevent rust and corrosion.

A few simple steps to maintain your garage door can result in numerous years of trouble-free use. Contact a professional if any maintenance you attempt on your own might be too risky.

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