Garden Statues: Tips to Make Them Look Spectacular in Your Garden


Do you like spending some time outside in your garden? While you might be satisfied with the overall design, adding extra visuals like stature will help you improve the general appearance. Adding outdoor statues in your garden will help you create a distinctive focal point for a unified and attractively designed landscape. When it comes to statues, there are some things you need to consider like size, style, cost, and material with various choices in concrete, wood, stone, marble, among other forms. If you are unsure where to start with the decoration, this guide will help encourage you to take the plunge and have fun when decorating your garden.

Showcase Your Style

Garden Statue

Does your garden come with a unique theme or give off an explicit design elegance vibe? If your garden doesn’t have any of those, you can choose a perfect theme and stick to it. The style of the garden will determine the kind of statue you select. For a contemporary-style house, a Mary & Our Lady statue will help you enhance and maintain that theme.


Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane Statue

Consider your garden as an extension of your home with a distinct outdoor room. If you have a modern house with arts and crafts that reflect contemporary qualities, you need to apply the same aesthetics to whatever stature in your garden. Check out the color schemes, the variety, and the scale of the outdoor space. Is your garden with straight lines? Is your outdoor area large or a close intimate room? You need to find out what type of statue will be a harmonious addition to the general style of your house and garden.

Location Is Vital

Outdoor Statue

Once you buy an attractive piece of art for your house, you will need to put it in a prominent place and not place it in the corner of the room where it’s not visible. This is also the same when it comes to decorating your garden. For instance, if your outdoor space is a long and narrow lawn that takes a generic appearance, mounting your sculpture at the far edge of the garden will offer a dramatic and memorable view. On the other hand, if you have a small and walled-in outdoor space, adding the stature will help you give it a beautiful focal point.

Huge statues serve as the best focal point and offer a good view. The abstract statue provides the perfect focal point since that can be viewed from any angle. Pick a sculpture that will evoke emotions and place it in view in front, around, and in distance. Small statues will bring you closer to the garden, and for this reason, put them in a mass of flowers and create wonderful artwork in your garden. Large statues will make your garden appear cramped and messy so ensure the proportion is right compared to the space you want to place your statue. Note that poor placement can destroy everything.

In most cases, the bright colors of the flowers will contrast with the statues, particularly the cement or concrete statues. Use this condition and get the perfect balance between your statue and the plants.

What is the importance of displaying your garden statues where they can’t be viewed? Therefore, make sure you place them relative to the sight you have when looking out of the window or a place the quests see when accessing the house or while relaxing on the deck or al fresco lounge.

Material Preference

Sleeping Angel Garden Statue

Statues are available in numerous varieties of materials such as limestone, concrete that are suitable for traditional or contemporary gardens in color and style. Consider choosing statues made from bronze, fiberglass, and metal since they offer the best flexibility regarding design. Sculptures made from marble are known to last longer, and they maintain their beauty over a long time. Those made of bronze and other metals have a long lifespan, but they will weather and catch stains.

Statues made of cement and concrete are becoming common in most gardens. Even though they tend to be less resistant than those made of other materials, they tend to last longer than plastic statues and those wooden bases.

Statues made of plaster, ornaments, or wood are not suitable for outdoor decorations. However, they can be used in protected gardens.

Consider The Size

St. Jude Garden Statue

The size of the statue will influence the overall look of the garden. In small gardens, don’t go for huge statues that take up all the space. Large pieces are fit for a focal point, while the small ones are good for accent. Use a huge cardboard box or make a wooden box to fit the place and find out how it appears in proportion to the yard.

Addition Of Extra Elements

Sitting Garden Angel Holding Bird Feeder Statue 14.5 Inches

Statues will add another component, such as a water fountain, to the yard. Statues with water or incorporated with some plants attract wildlife and help in bringing life to the garden. Illuminating the statue will also improve the appearance of the garden.

Consider using some stepping stones to highlight the pathway towards your statue enclave to complement the overall decor of the yard. You can also use the outdoor furniture in the same way. Cover your statues to give them a long life span, and make sure you use water sealer once a year for concrete sculptures. Wash the statue before you seal them to ensure the best result.

Taking good care of the garden statues is essential since it enables you to maintain their beauty for an extended period. Keep your painted statues in enclosed areas to protect them from elements, or make sure they are coated with liquid car wax if you want them exposed.

Your preferred style of the garden statues must complement the home and the garden. A scruffy elegant, or country-style plan can give you a charming look. Choosing your style carefully is essential as you will not create clashes between ornaments.

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