Genius Deep Cleaning House Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner


Deep Cleaning House Hacks

Many activities go through your house every day– especially after the holiday season. Although you have kept your home tidy from doing small and manageable tasks every day, there’s still a need to deep clean your house.

Check the best day to deep clean your home. Before you start, check out these genius deep cleaning house hacks. Make your deep house cleaning experience more manageable and organized.

Plan Out Deep Cleaning

Make a schedule when you will start deep cleaning your home. Ensure that everyone in the household is free on the scheduled days. If you can, divide the task into multiple days to ensure you deliberately clean every corner of your home.

However, if you do not have much time to clean your home thoroughly or your house is too spacious to do it yourself. You can ask for help from professional cleaners or maid service.

Always Start With Decluttering

Before you start deep cleaning, you have to pick up clutters that do not belong to their place. Throw those you will not use and provide space for those you will keep. Decluttering motivates you to be deep clean as the surfaces are already tidy.

Top To Bottom, Back To Front

If your home has two floors, start on the second floor, or go for hard-to-reach surfaces, these places have dirt and dust buildup. Do not let gravity make you clean the ground floor twice. Always work your way downwards. Moreover, do not dart from one corner to another. Clean the floor from back to front. Eliminate redundancy when deep cleaning to save time.

Dust-Off Living Room

Your home living room welcomes your guests. It should give off a welcoming vibe. Keep it clean and tidy by laundering all the pillow covers and dusting every electronic there is in the room. You have to unhook and disarrange every piece of furniture to ensure you have dusted off and vacuumed every corner in the living room.

Scrub Bathroom Molds

The bathroom is one of the frequently used rooms in your home.

Remove the shower curtains and bath mats in your bathroom and put them into the laundry. Read the wash label to ensure you are giving them the correct wash cycle. If you want to focus on cleaning the bathroom, you can drop off your laundry, including your shower curtain and bathroom mat, at the laundry shop near you.

Before you start scrubbing down the molds on the corners of your bathroom, soak your bathtub, sink, and toilet bowl with a multi-purpose cleaner. After 3 to 5 minutes, the fungus is eliminated. Scrub them in circles to remove the molds.

Secret hack: You don’t have a multi-purpose cleaner available? Use the vodka in your pantry! It can remove the mold build-up at the corners of your bathroom. Another tip, to avoid this, install an exhaust fan in your bathroom. Molds happen in bathrooms that aren’t well-ventilated.

Do not forget about your shower head. It might not be visible, but it is contaminated with bacteria. Keep it clean by filling a bag with white vinegar and soak the showerhead inside the bag overnight. Wipe the marks in the morning.

Freshen Bedroom

Launder every pillow or linen on top of your bed. You can do it at your laundry room or have it picked up and delivered by a laundry service. It is best to outsource laundry tasks to focus on deep cleaning your home.

Next, freshen up your mattress. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean it properly. Get a baking soda from your pantry and sprinkle them on your bed. Leave it for an hour before you vacuum it.

Keep your bedroom fresh by changing your linen and dusting off your mattress regularly.

Squeaky Clean Kitchen

It is inevitable for the kitchen counters, cabinets, and surfaces to have grease. You need to get rid of the grease now and then to avoid discoloration and mildew on your kitchen surfaces. You can buy a cleaner that wipes off greasers or use the grease-cut dishwashing detergent you have at your kitchen sink.

However, if you do not have these things and you lack time to run to the grocery, here is a secret hack for you.

Secret hack: Use a liquid detergent, warm water, and two clean sponge. Sponge it on your kitchen counter, and when it’s time to rinse, use the warm water and remove the residues with a different sponge. However, if the stains are tough, instead of using detergent, mix baking soda with water. Use a cloth to scrub the grease lightly.

Aside from your kitchen and sink counters, you have to clean the insides of your microwave. Microwaves are not self-cleaning appliances. Fill a cup of water and place it inside the microwave, heat and let it boil. The boiling water will create moisture that will loosen buildups inside the microwave.

Remove Rust Stains

As you go through each corner of your home, you notice rust stains on your garage, driveways, front deck, or patio. There’s an easy way to remove those rust stains. You do not need to buy a harmful chemical for it. Use a lemon.

Cut the lemons in half. Look for the rust stains. If you notice the stains are on the concrete, scrub it with a hard-bristled brush. After the stains have come off, squeeze the lemon juice on the area. Wait for 10 minutes before you rinse it off with water.

If you wish to avoid a burdensome deep cleaning, you must practice a cleaning habit that you must continually do every day. Create a quick cleaning routine that you can do every day. Do not make deep cleaning an overwhelming task that you will hate afterward.

Moreover, if doing a quick clean-up every day is impossible for a busy person like you and catching up with deep cleaning is hard for you–, hiring a maid service is the best solution.

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