Get Inspiration For Your Pool With These 3 Pool Design Trends


3d Pool Design Trends

The summer season is just approaching, and there is no better way to spend your time with your family and friends than by the pool as you barbeque and bask in the sun. If this is the way you have been imagining speeding your summer season soaking up the sun, then getting the best looking pool set up, this is from the cascading waterfalls; some corkscrew waterslides designs that can offer watery retreats. All this is making the pool a beautiful integral part of your home’s architect. In this regard, we have gathered three hot pool designs that you could explore to take your backyard design to the next level.

Have Slopped Ledges And Entries

Slopped Ledges And Entries

A new trend in pool design that is slowly being popular amongst most backyards. The pool is designed with one side gradually sloping into the water, offering a beach entry design to the pool. It allows you to enter the pool slowly, a good option if you have children, disabled or older adults. If you love spending your time at the beach, then this is a god mimic design; consider adding some waterfalls to make the lounge area unique on those hot days.

Try To Include Some Natural Decking

Natural Decking

Try and elevate the natural look of your pool design with the use of limestone, travertine, and maybe some flagstone pavers. These materials will not only elevate the natural look of your pool but also offer slip resistance and good drainage. You could experiment with some aggregate materials like quartz and pebbles or even some glass to give your swimming bath that appealing illusion.

How About A Knife-Edge Pool?

A Knife-Edge Pool

Perimeter pools, knife-edge pools, slot edge baths, the list is endless on the different types of names this hot design comes in. The swimming bath has water that is at the same level as your pool deck, which then will flow into the slot edge that has been designed on the perimeter of your pool. All this is to create that delicate mirror-like effect on the surface of your pool. Some might say this is an infinity design; however, this is a hybrid design. It will offer your backyard that extra touch of sophistication. Now to get this look perfectly, ensure you get a professional pool builder as the design requires extensive knowledge of hydraulic systems.


If you’re looking to remodel your current pool, a simple change of the pool lights to color LED lighting can immediately upgrade the look. You could also have some deck jets, a waterfall at the corner of the pool, or bubblers. The list is endless on ways you can improve the look of your current swimming bath, and as you have seen with the many options available in the market, it is easy for you to personalize your pool space. Not forgetting the adjustments, you make a long way in improving your property value.

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