Get More Bookings: 5 Rental Property Design Trends To Consider In 2022


Rental Property Design

The rental property market is always changing, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. Tenants want to be able to put their own personal touch on their rented space, and they’ll take into account whether your property’s design meshes well with their existing furniture and decor.

It’s about finding the right style to attract renters, and you can appeal to as many renters as possible by choosing designs that are general crowd-pleasers.

Here Are Some Helpful Design Tips To Secure Bookings For Your Property:

  1. Choose Neutral Palettes

Use neutral tones and accent walls to give your space a clean look. Choose light neutral colors, white paints, and natural elements for your property so that tenants can easily match it with any furniture and decor, no matter the color or design.

  1. Opt For Simple Designs

Simple and straightforward designs give your future tenants the freedom to decorate the space to their liking. Avoid using too many decorations like books, candles, or vases, as this can make the space look cluttered and less spacious.

  1. Use Multiple Design Elements

Some renters prefer modern home decor, while others prefer more traditional designs. Choose a design that appeals to a wide range of tenants and is easy to change if they want to make minor changes themselves.

  1. Build More Storage Spaces

Tenants want a place with enough storage to fit all their belongings. There are many ways to maximize storage space. For example, you can have a kitchen with multiple cabinets and slots to fit appliances, or you can keep a bed with built-in storage drawers. You can also utilize things like pull-out baskets and built-in cutlery organizers.

  1. Maximize Indoor And Outdoor Lighting

Lighting can make your property more inviting for potential tenants. Use natural light by opening blinds and curtains when showing your place to clients. If natural light is not enough, supplement it with lamps and dangling lights.

The Top 5 Design Trends For Rental Properties In 2022

Here are 5 design trends to help you decorate your rental properties:

  1. Bring The Outdoors In

Since the pandemic, more people have been bringing the outdoor vibe inside their homes. Homeowners have creatively brought elements of nature inside to create a more relaxing and comfortable space.

My Decorative shares that by adding color accents with earth tones and wood pieces, you can replicate the tranquility of the outdoors in your home. You can add a garden room, floor-to-ceiling windows for a great view, or add plants to spruce up your home office setup.

  1. Locally Made Or Sustainable Furnishings

This year, people are focused on building eco-friendly homes that are both cost-effective and sustainable. More consumers are concerned about how their furniture is made, down to the wood, glues, or fibers used, and they also patronize local or regional suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint and source natural construction materials more efficiently.

  1. Multi-Functional Spaces

Flexible home and work spaces are in demand with the rise of hybrid and remote work setups. Multi-functional layouts that divide living and working areas are becoming more popular as they provide peaceful study and work zones.

Designers are now inspired by minimalist and tiny home structures, where furniture serves a dual purpose of maximizing space.

  1. Vintage Aesthetic

Many homeowners are interested in adding a vintage, antique, or handcrafted pieces to their homes to give them more personality. Many people are drawn to activities that unleash their creativity, and they translate this newfound appreciation for custom-made pieces into adding texture and variety to their home decor.

  1. Maximalism

The “more is more” or maximalist approach to design is back in style for 2022. More people are seeing this trend as a way to express themselves in their space.

This design can be as bold as adding pops of colors to the walls, mixing vintage pieces with contemporary furniture, and getting unique and colorful glass decor or tinsel curtains to jazz up your interior.

Key Takeaways

A theme for your rental property that appeals to all potential tenants is key. Stay up-to-date on design trends for expert insights and tips to attract the right market to your rental properties.

When it comes to designing your rental properties, remember to:

  • Choose neutral design palettes and apply earth tones
  • Keep the interior simple and sustainable
  • Incorporate multiple design elements
  • Invest in multi-functional pieces for more storage
  • Make use of indoor and outdoor lighting

You can also get design inspiration from real estate investing platforms like Getaway to learn about what features tenants typically look for.

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